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Jul 9, 2012 12:49 PM

Dining solo Friday night near Columbus Circle - need recs

I will be in from out of town and on my own Friday evening near Columbus Circle, would like a recommendation for a place where I can get a seat at the bar and enjoy a great meal. I am completely open to any type of cuisine. Any stellar sushi in the area? Price is no object, I am looking for the best experience. I will not be drinking, so it is really all about the food. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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  1. Recently enjoyed two visits to Kashkaval, 856 9th Ave bets 55th and 56th streets. Cozy, unique space. Cheese and prepared food shop in front, small dining room in back, very informal and welcoming to single diner. Also sit at long friendly bar. Great fondue, small plates, lovely wine. (My bill for one: $39 plus tip) Not high gourmet experience but what's better than cheese?

    1. i like Boulud Sud very much

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      1. The most stellar sushi in that area is surely Masa in the Time Warner building. For a prix fixe of $450, you are served sushi and sushi and sushi, the chef makes the decisions, and that doesn't include drinks, tax, tip, and other extras.

        (Well, you asked for it...)

        1. For the "great dining," "price is no object" experience (phrases I kind of overlooked) I agree with the above suggestions!!

          1. You can also dine a la carte in the Per Se salon, or try their dessert tasting.