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Jul 9, 2012 11:43 AM

Lakis in Highlandtown (Baltimore)--a simple place on my rotation

This little place has been on my rotation for a good while now. Located on Eastern Ave, right by the Walgreen's, Lakis is basically a small, Greek-run diner (although it doesn't serve breakfast all day).

They tout their crabcakes (which are a bit too creamy for my tastes, though the mister loved them) and have a great MD crab soup that I crave. Their gyros seem to get better each time I have them.

The owner is affable, and the other night I showed him a photo of a Greek salad that I had and Greece and he tried to recreate it for me. I can't imagine that he wouldn't be open to other requests.

This is definitely a no-frills type of place with burgers and specials like liver and onions. It's really the perfect place for a good, inexpensive comfort food if you find yourself on the Southeast side.

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  1. Are they open for breakfast in the morning? I need a new breakfast spot in that area since the demise of the Eastern House.

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      Good question. According to their website, they don't

    2. The original comment has been removed