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Jul 9, 2012 11:42 AM

comic con

my 14 year old is dragging me to comic con. we arrive wednesday and leave monday. we are staying at the marriott marquis and marina, right next to the convention center. any locals wanna recommend quick tasty eats within easy walking distance of the convention center or hotel?

teen friendly fare: cheeseburgers, hot dogs, pizza (slices), chinese (preferably dim sum or xiao long bao), ramen and gyoza and kara-age, thai, indian, greek, waffles, dessert places.

also any recommendations within the hotel? or at the waterfront behind?

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  1. I actually just put together a guide for this (not comic-con specific but convention center in general):

    Most of the places I listed are kid-friendly even if it is a bar (at least during the daytime). For the ethnic cuisine, you're pretty much completely out of luck in San Diego in that area of town.

    Text for CH guidelines:
    One of the most common questions is where one should dine when attending a convention. While it is a common thing for people to stay in hotel circle or mission valley and take the trolley to downtown, I'll make this mostly centered around the convention center itself.
    Walking Distance
    These are decent places you can get to by walking. I'm assuming most people are willing to walk about 5-8 blocks.

    Jsix at Hotel Salomar (616 J St) - This is probably the best "fine dining" destination with any consistency near the convention center. Their burgers are supposedly especially good during lunch time
    Top of the Market (750 N Harbor Dr) - While it is a chain restaurant, great food with a great view at this location.

    East Village
    These places are a bit further in the East village, but still within walking distance (maybe 10 blocks total


    Cowboy Star (640 10th Ave) - Best steak place in San Diego, but also a really great restaurant in general. Try the buffalo burger for lunch.
    Cafe Chloe (721 9th Ave) - Great french bistro food. This place epitomizes the great bistros that San Diego has to offer.
    Bar Basic (410 10th Ave) - Come with a group to get some nice large pizzas. Also a bar/club for hanging out late.
    Knotty Barrel (844 Market Ave) - This gets the slight nod over Neighborhood for the bar/gastropub of choice mainly because their food is a bit better.
    Noble Experiment (777 G St) - If you're into cocktails, this is the place to go. Call ahead to make sure you have "reservations"

    Little Italy
    If you're willing to buy a trolley pass for the day, you can take the Trolley to the Little Italy exit and all of these great restaurants will be within walking distance

    Bencotto (750 W Fir St) - Great Italian hand-made pastas.
    Craft and Commerce (675 W Beach St) - Some ridiculously good bar food to pair with drinks such as the bacon cracker jacks and mini corn dogs.
    PrepKitchen Little Italy (1660 India St) - Some nice bistro food with drinks. Try the London's Burning cocktail. Personally I favor the appetizers over the entrees.

    If you are able to travel by car, please refer to my overall guide of San Diego.

    1. Burger Lounge has a location a few minutes from the Convention Center. Good grass fed burgers.

      Chocolat is my mid-afternoon ritual when visitng the convention - decent gelato and an outdoor patio to watch the madness. They also have booze which helps...

      Sunday (also maybe Saturday?) is a farmer's market on 3rd and J St. which has plenty of tasty food.

      Bollilo Torta is very close. Tasty (but expensive for a torta.)

      There's a Ralph's Supermarket up the street with a full service deli and salad bar.

      Cost Plus World Market has snacks and cookies for nibble during the day.

      Also search this board for "Comic Con: and also "Gaslamp" (also try "Gaslight") as these are very common topics.

      Take two advil in the morning and wear the most comfortable shoes you can.

      1. Kebab Shop on 9th and Market (I think they've opened another one in Little Italy, too).

        We might finally try Lion's Share this week, it's close to the Con but hidden from a lot of its foot traffic.

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          The Kebab Shop website says the Kebab Shop in Little Italy has opened and Google says it's at 303 West Beech Street.

        2. Are you kidding? My hubby would love to go to Comic con! However, we will get to San Diego, right near the convention center for the (wait for it) Joint Statistical Meetings. So thanks for the question, maybe we can compare notes after our visiits.

          1. Here are some coupon deals going on at Comic Con...have fun!
            News says lots of food trucks out and about around Gaslamp.