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Jul 9, 2012 11:18 AM

vegetarian in the White Mountains

Our family is heading to the White Moutains in August. Wife and kids (age 8 and 4) are vegetarian. We are staying in North Conway but planning on visitng all of the towns (Franconia, Littleton, lincoln, woodstock). Are are some places that have good vegetarian options? Many thanks in advance?

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  1. In Littleton, there is a diner on the main drag that serves typical diner food but I you should be able to get some non-meat items like grilled cheese, eggs, potatoes, etc. There is also a candy store in Littleton with the world's longest candy counter!

    1. North Conway - Delaney's - has wide variety of vegetarian, and -oddly- serves very good sushi.

      Franconia - great little place that serves only bfast & lunch items - can't recall name though : ( across the street from the bank on west main street. worth checking out!
      Polly's pancake house also good

      Littleton best choices:
      italian oasis - portobello mushroom pannini as well as pastas and pizza.
      Chang Thai - has wide variaty of thair dishes & peanut sauces with tofu etc. also serves sushi.
      Alburritos - 'mexican' - more than happy to adjust menu items to be sans meat chili, but has plenty of bean options

      Woodstock - woodstock station - large menu - french fries taste like they are from the fair!! Several options including portobello mushroom burger.