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Jul 9, 2012 10:24 AM

Lunch between Newport and London, off the beaten track?

Hi Chows,

Any reccs for a great lunch between Newport and London? Travelling back on a Tuesday and will probably get off the M4, north or south.

Love to try some local pubs with unique dishes...


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  1. Charles

    My starting point for any "off motorway" research is this website:

    Look up the junctions where you think you might come off and see what pubs are listed. You'd then need to do a bit of Googling on them to see if they might be what you want.

    My trips to the capital usually involve the M40 and I carry a list of options for each junction. It's usually much better than the motorway services (although not always).


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    1. re: Harters

      Thanks John! Much appreciated and the site is great...

      1. re: Harters

        The exit (9) off the M25 near where I live has nothing recommended. This is pretty much what I expected. :-) It's a great site, John. Thanks for mentioning it as I always forget to think about it when travelling.

        1. re: zuriga1

          Let me repeat my caveat about the need to do further research. The site just lists that a place is there - further research should help to establish if they do food (it will also help to eliminate the Harvesters - although on the M40 I would prefer a Harvester to Cherwell Valley services).

      2. If you want something a bit special The Vineyard near Newbury might suit:

        More pubby is The Swan:

        You might struggle to find an unmodernised local "Olde Worlde" establishment serving what you are looking for in the M4 corridor, but hopefully I'm wrong!

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        1. re: Robin Joy

          Thanks Robin and John...might have settled on The Hand and Flowers if they have room on the 7th. Worth a visit from what I have read on Chow I'm sure...

          1. re: cshamess

            Hands and Flowers is a good choice. Someone recently told me about a small restaurant and hotel in Cookham Dean. The chef is supposed to be very good.


            1. re: cshamess

              Hand & Flowers should be an interesting bet. Tried to reserve for a forthcoming trip to the area but they were full. I have my doubts whether a pub is ever really in Michelin 2* land. I'm not even sure how many pubs warrant the 1* - but adjacent to the M4 is the Royal Oak at Paley Street (which I am going to try) -