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Sheetz Eats

Will anyone confess to eating off the Sheetz menu, and how do you do your 3 for a dollar (with card) hotdogs.........just the no charge items ? Or do you splurge.
I've only had the dogs.....although stole a mozz stick from daughter and was pleasantly suprised.

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  1. I like the breakfast offerings -- biscuitz, shmuffinz, etc. 8<D

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      The coffee leaves a lot to be desired....

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        We live right near a very busy Sheetz, so the coffee is always fresh. It's not the strongest stuff, though.

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        That should be shmiscuitz. LOL

      3. Had the Fried Mac and Cheese Bites yesterday on my way from VA to GA....sure wish they had Sheetz in GA!!

        1. I've had the breakfast burritos a couple of times and while there are certainly better options out there you get quick and convenient here. Stopping at a Sheetz will give you what I like to call "Serviceable" food. It's not good but it's far from bad. It'll work in other words.


          1. For convenience store food, their sliders and mozzarella sticks are pretty decent.

            1. I travel a lot in areas with Sheetz and frequently find that it's my only choice. The sandwiches are pretty good (for gas station food) and you can't beat the price.


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                Your right ....for gas station food the sandwiches are ok and priced reasonably.
                And certainly better than anything Subway sells.

              2. I've been to Sheetz in southern PA a few times (it's a stop my Dad likes to make when we visit family in VA).
                We haven't had the hot dogs, but I kind of like the french fries and Dad orders a different sandwich every time. (I think it's the computer ordering system that impresses him).
                Coffee is a little weaker than I'd like it to be, but it's always been fresh when I've had it.

                1. We have frequently enjoyed their "MTO (Made To Order) Sub Sanchwiches". Freshly made to order, lots of fresh ingredient & condiment selections, more than adequate amount of sandwich filling, & more than reasonable prices. Our favorites have been the hot "Grilled Chicken" & the cold "Classic Italian".

                  Stopping at Sheetz to pick up sandwiches & snacks before hitting the drive-in movie theatre has become a tradition.

                  1. I almost hate to admit it but I really like the 6" meatball sub for $1.99! Toasted roll, 3 meatballs, roasted onions and peppers, plus the free parm sprinkled on top and I've found myself going back several times just for this. The meatballs aren't great and have that rubbery frozen swedish meatball texture but for some reason I love it lol.

                    1. I feed a whole crowd on the Hot Dogs. I'll go get 12 and take them to the pool where my son hangs out. I'm a hero.

                      1. I used to love Sheetz, but a Get-Go (similar thing owned by Giant Eagle) opened up about the same distance as my Sheetz. They destroy Sheetz in almost everything. Their steak and Italian hoagies are better than every pizza joint around here. They even have kielbasa and hot sausage hoagies.

                        I really miss the hot pepper relish Sheetz used to have though.

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                          Have they stopped offering that hot pepper relish? I haven't had a sub from them lately, so don't know for sure if they've stopped offering it here. But then I keep a jar of that hot pepper sub relish in the fridge, so as long as I'm going to be eating my sub at home, I'm set.

                          Maybe they decided that since they also offer pickled jalapeno slices, that the relish was almost the same thing, so nixed the relish thanks to the Tex-Mex craze & more folks interested in Jalapenos.