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Jul 9, 2012 08:51 AM

What are your favorite Chowhound recipes?

What are your favorite recipes that are posted on

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  1. Best Chow Recipes- A collection of recipes posted on Chow Boards.

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      I went to that link and it starts with you posting more than 200 links. I'm sorry but I don't find that helpful. You can't get your list down to 10 - 20 dishes?

    2. Check out this link...

      "Best Recipes you have ever found on Chowhound Home Cooking board"

      1. I haven't been here long enough to say, but I wanted to say that I love the recipe slideshows here. Found the "Cooking with Beans" slideshow yesterday. I was bookmarking so many recipes that I finally just bookmarked the entire slideshow.

        1. I couldn't point to any one recipe. When I want to make a recipe or new recipe I will look at several ones with good reviews and borrow ingredients and techniques from each one. The final one is usually a Franken-recipe. ;-)

          1. I've made many found here over the years, but my current one in heavy rotation is the Peruvian Grilled Chicken recipe that can be found around here!