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Jul 9, 2012 08:32 AM

Vegetarian with 24 hours in Minniapolis

Visiting Minneapolis for work and will have a little time to explore. Looking for good restaurants/bakeries/etc that check out. Thanks!

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  1. Patisserie 46 is a highly acclaimed bakery / confectioner.

    I'm also a vegetarian. I would suggest Travail, but they are closed for July. Heartland (James Beard nominee) offers a daily 3 course prix fix (both meat and vegetarian options). Restaurant Alma (James Beard National nominee) offers a choose-your-own 4 course tasting menu (both meat and vegetarian options). Otherwise I'd suggest some Vietnamese or Hmong options.

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      Another vote for Patisserie 46...and one for Rustica as well:

    2. If you can swing to St. Paul, Cafe Latte has a nice balance of incredible vegetarian/ vegan salads, soups and breads...but then you can top it off with one of their decadent desserts!