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Jul 9, 2012 07:05 AM

Store with Best Champagne Selection Boston Area or Metrowest?

I'm entrusted with buying a case or more of champagne for a 50th birthday party and would love to go to a shop that has a great selection. It would also be great if the store has knowledgeable merchants who could answer questions about their offerings. Am interested in true French champagne but am not averse to mixing it up as well.

Anyone have any suggestions? I'm located west of Boston out rt 2 so probably wouldn't travel to the south or north shores but immediate Boston/Waltham/Cambridge stores and west would be great. Thanks!

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  1. I find the selection and customer service at Cambridge Wine and Spirits at Fresh Pond next to Whole Foods to be top notch, as well as the Martignetti location on Soldiers Field Road (go directly to the wine department, NOT the front service desk, for the most informed help. I am pretty sure either will discount a case by at 10% of the per bottle price, and I believe Cambridge Wine and Spiritis told me they were having a 20% off special during July for any 12 non-sale bottles of wine, which I assume extends to bubbly - just not sure when it happens.

    1. Gordon's in Waltham is further West then Fresh Pond (which is also very good). I think Gordon's is one of the best wine stores in greater Boston period and they definitely have a good selection of champagne.

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        StriperGuy, thanks, Gordon's in Waltham, that's a good call.

        And rlh, thanks for the suggestion of Cambridge Wine and Spirits.

        I know both of these establishments so I think between the two I'll be able to get what I need.

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          Gordon's carries a couple of grower champagnes, whereas I haven't seen any at Cambridge Wine and Spirits which does sometimes have good discounts on NV champagnes from large houses (example VC yellow label) but wouldn't otherwise suggest for this. Another place West of Boston is Berman's which doesn't have a huge selection, but might have something unusual and one or two vintage champagnes. Julio's in Westborough is a Metrowest option, but you mentioned rt 2 so don't think its in your immediate surrounds. If you are willing to go out of your region, Federal Wine and Spirits would probably have a wider selection than all of these and you can phone/online order and just drive there to pickup. They also will deliver, but not certain if that is available or advisable in Summer.

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            Agreed - Berman's in East Lexington is often a very pleasant surprise in spite of its relatively small size and they are really helpful there.

        2. re: StriperGuy

          2nd Gordon's for this purpose. Fresh Pond is our local store, but Gordon's has a better selection, more knowledgable wine staff, and generally better prices in my experiences.

        3. if you have a close relationship with a store - which can mean a discount on all purchases in my case - you can get the store to order anything that is available via wholesalers in the Commonwealth and get it.