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Jul 9, 2012 06:07 AM

Has anyone tried these food trucks in NC RTP area?

Just saw we will have some food trucks coming to our office park. Any experience?

1. Por-ket-a: saw it on avis Drive, just up the street

2. Chirba Chirba

3. Only Burger

4. Chick-n-que

5. Will and Pops

6. American meltdown


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  1. I really like Chirba Chirba's juicy dumplings. They are some of the better soup dumplings I have had locally.

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    1. re: chazzer

      Is there anywhere else in the area that serves soup dumplings?

      1. re: jkgourmet

        Asian Grill on Falls of Neuse in Raleigh. If you order other items, be sure to order the traditional Shanghai dishes. They're interspersed among the usual Chinsese-American fare on the menu, but they'll be fairly obvious by their names.

        6611 Falls of Neuse Road Raleigh NC 27615

        Falls Village Shopping Center

        Telephone :919-232-9488

    2. I am a fan of Only Burger. Only tried American Meltdown once, and was really underwhelmed.

      1. Chirba Chirba - I liked their dumplings as well and thought it was quite good.
        Only burger - I know they have many fans, but I have tried it twice now and I think it is just ok.
        Chick-n-que - they come to my work occasionally. It is good, but not great.

        1. Only Burger - eaten there about four times and keep going back. Fries are good too.
          Chirba Chirba - ate there once, they were good, but kept thinking how a full bag of Trader Joe's pork gyoza is $3.25 and I was paying so much more for a few dumplings only slightly better.

          1. I have had only burger and it is good but you could spend the same amount of time waiting in the A/C of their brick and mortar. I have tried Chirba Chirba too and share the same thoughts as AreBe on that front and to add that I can have handmade Bao at Li Mings for 1.40 a pop. I would really like to try Porchetta and American Meltdown (especially the pig and fig). Whats funny is that the more trucks that pop up the less original the lot appear to be. Of the ones that I've tried (few and far between), my favorites are Kokyu, BoxCarr Farm and probably either of the pizza trucks (Klausie and Pie Pushers). Though there are many out there to try yet so that may change.