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Jul 9, 2012 05:22 AM

Dinner for 10 on LBI this weekend

Enjoying a relaxing time on LBI with my SO only to get a call that we are going to be descended upon this weekend by many relatives with a diverse range of food likes/dislikes/allergies. To make it easy on myself (so I can enjoy their visit), I thought I'd try for one night out when there will be 10 in the group. I don't think I could get the group to drive far and a BYO is preferred.

So what is your recommendation for a group of 10 for a good dinner out anywhere from Harvey Cedars to Ship Bottom for a Friday or Saturday night?

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  1. Hi! I live on the north end of the island for the summer and have struggled year in and year out for GOOD food, at areasonable price for a large group (or small group for a matter of fact). It does not exist, therefore I cook cook cook alot all summer! I tend to take out for Marios in Surf City often when entertaining to help relieve some of the work. Well priced ( parmesan toast $$$ not sure why? really great with some apps and wine!) Good Luck and if you find something let me know! South side, I heard Buckalews in Beach Heaven is good and can accmodate a crowd, Black Whale good but $$$ for a large group, just went down and looked at Catch menu again $$$. maybe it is me but I am a Manhattan diner and have expectations when paying $35 for an entree.

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        Thanks. We love Mario's and will definitely use them for hoagies for lunch one day. Agree that we don't understand the high price of the parm toast yet SO insists on some slices. I don't get it. The take out entrees we've had have been good and in fact my sister came down yesterday and we had their spaghetti and meatballs to make things easy. It was delicious. But we are also looking for a place to go to so no one has to do any work (the 'no one' being me).

      2. Have you looked at Scojo's? The few times I was there, the food and service was good, reasonable prices.