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Jul 9, 2012 04:53 AM

Need kosher info for today at Hackensack University Medical Center please

Where would I go on site to get kosher food if any?

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  1. a. order guest tray from food service they have a selection of the usual packaged foods. (b) kosher vending machine in main cafeteria (c) freshko packaged lunches (star-k) in cafeteria of cancer center (d) bikur cholim room on 5th floor of Womens and Childrens Hospital (e) call Pizza Crave or Shellys or one of the other Teaneck kosher places to deliver (5-10 minutes drive away)

    1. Or log onto They'll deliver from many Teaneck restaurants. The bikur cholim room, which is not in the Eruv, is normally kept locked, I believe. If you need the room for Shabbat, I have the contact info, so please message me offline. My husband is on Medical staff there.

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        Thank you so much. This was quite helpful. Thankfully, we will not be there for Shabbat.

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          Glad it was a short visit. Now, stay out of that place!!!!