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Jul 9, 2012 01:51 AM

Anything In Mt. Shasta Ca?

Anyone eat out ever gluten-free in MT. Shasta? We are going there tomorrow night and I need ideas or I'll just pack a cooler and bring my food. Not feeling there is anything safe there. I called Lilly's but the cook didn't let me explain what cross contamination was and said he felt offended I'd ask about his cooking. He said he had been in business 31 years and noone ever asked about his kitchen practices. He says he does cook gluten-free, but wouldn't let me aske any questions.

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  1. It's too late for you, but Vivify is Japanese, and lots of gluten free high quality food there.

    1. Oh, and Lily's is not very good, in my opinion

      1. How did it go? We are going to Mount Shasta this weekend. Our daughter is celiac, so I plan to bring food for the weekend but would love to know if there are any options.