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Jul 9, 2012 01:12 AM

Ganpati South Indian, Peckham and Dach & Sons, Hampstead [London]

A fairly unlikely combination, I'll acknowledge.

I'd overheard good things about Ganpati and made three of us finally made the trek down to Pekham to check it out. Nice, relaxed space, with a pleasant covered garden area. Wide-ranging and apparently newly-updated menu, from which we tried chicken and fish thalis, a tuna dish with tamarind and some steamed street snacks with a nice chutney.

Very impressed with all parts of this meal, particularly the chicken thali. A good variety of delicately-spiced options as part of the thali, and some nice lassis. Just over £20 a head for too much food and a drink each, but you could do it cheaper if you tried.

Dach & Sons just opened up on heath street this friday, but the service didn't show any teething problems - quick pleasant and efficient. The menu is three choices of dog, a burger and a slider plate, with a bunch of interesting options for sides. The sausages and patties are all house-made using premium meats from the hampstead butcher, and it shows in the ratio of portions to prices: A small hotdog and a side is 11.50 plus service, and an interesting list of American craft beers starts from about £4.50 a pint. The sliders were a hit, and the chicken and beef dogs were both good sausages with pleasant accompaniments, but it felt more like a snack than a meal. Similarly, maple sweet potato wedges and bone marrow popcorn were seriously good, but ought to have been at £3.50 each. A good light meal, but at £20 a head including a drink each I'm not sure I'd hurry back unless I had a real hankering.

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  1. I just scanned Ganapati's menu and it seems Keralan. Can you confirm if it's Keralan or Tamil? I was going to give it a shot pretty soon but their prices are 3 to 4 times Thattukada's so it's going to take me a while to work up the willpower to spend that much on Keralan or Tamil food.

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    1. re: JFores

      Primarily Keralan was my impression, but South Indian is not a cuisine I'm all that familiar with.

      It's pitched more at low-end restaurant dining than ethnic eatery, if you see what I mean. I think you could certainly eat for cheaper if you were willing to trade away some of those restaurant trappings.

      1. re: lacemaker

        I used to live down the road from this place, but I never got to go, despite all the great recs from friends and friends of friends. I love that part of Peckham - if you venture along the road, you'll come across all sorts of goodies.

    2. Can someone who has been to East Ham gems like Thattukada and Nadi please weigh in on how Ganapati is in comparison?

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      1. re: JFores

        They are very different. Haven't been to Thattakuda in years but for me, that is much more punchy spicing and flavours.

        I would say Ganapati is more Keralan. It's a restaurant, more than a cafe, if you get what I mean. The flavours in the veggie dishes (such as the thorans) are particularly good, but it's an altogether more gentle affair versus Thattakuda. I wouldn't even be comparing them.