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Jul 8, 2012 11:41 PM

Tried whole pig ASADO this weekend. Just OK. (Warning Pics Included)

I had an extra 60lbs pig and decided that I would cook it the way I do my lambs and goats. I think it was kind dry in spite of injecting it with marinade.

The injection was pineapple juice, cider vinegar, garlic power, cumin and jalapenos. It took almost a gallon of it. I did skin the ribs and put a BBQ rub on it that probably had a little to much sugar.

The wood was hickory and oak.

I am told that this is done in TX often with wild boar. Most boar I have seen are skinned before cooking but I left my skin on as I was hoping to eat it.. Skin turned out very tough.

Total time 5.5 hours

Thoughts and ideas?

Also one picture is with my leatherman multi-tool. It is called the "Flair" notice the pate knife, wine opener and cocktail fork? I hate they retired that model.

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  1. I wonder why it was dry. Maybe 5.5 hours was too long. How did you arrive at that time?

    1. Too bad it was dry. Perhaps instead of injecting the roast brining or marinating it would have been resulted in moist meat. JB, what do you use to tie the roasts on those fabulous grates?

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        We were talking about it and I think the pig was frozen to long. It had been in the freezer almost two months. I did not see any freezer burn but I am guessing it did loose a lot of moisture. We decide to try it again with a "new" pig.