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Jul 8, 2012 09:48 PM

Wilting Cucumber Leaves

My cucumber plants have really taken off and just the other day I cut one with a few more on the way. All of a sudden today I notice that more than a few leaves near the base of the plant are wilting and the other cucumbers haven't seemed to grow much. Any idea what may be happening, how can I save it? Did something get to the root? I'm scared the whole plant is going to die.

Any help would be great, I will try to post pics this week.

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  1. Mine is doing the same thing - got 3 cubes and now the bottom leaves are yellowing and wilting. Have 2 cukes growing but seems like they slowed down.

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      Boogiebaby, I did some further reading on some other sites and it seems that we were probably attacked by Cucumber Beetles which in turn spread bacterial wilt, such a shame as the plant was looking so good and full of flowers. I had to yank them last night for good.

      Good thing I planted a couple of disease resistant varieties as well.

    2. My cucumber plants have been wilting terribly in the mid day sun, but every evening they return to their full beauty. I was assuming that's how they deal with the heat? Hope I'm right!

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        correct. Most cucurbits pull moisture from their stems and leaves when in hot weather, and re-route it to the roots system to stay viable. Once the sun goes down and it cools off, it re-distributes back into the leaves and stems.

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          That's sort of what I was thinking (in less scientific terms) glad to know it's just as likely that as a disease. Thanks!

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            Wow, suddenly there are cucumbers galore, hiding under all those wilted leaves. I am in heaven!!

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              Good to hear. I checked some wilting leaves on my cucumbers and saw a striped cucumber beetle. Ack!