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Jul 8, 2012 09:39 PM

recommendations for special occasion dinner in SF


I am looking for recommendations for a great place for dinner with my fiance in SF on a Friday night in August. It will be our last night together to sit and enjoy before tons of family comes to town and other wedding-week craziness.

Despite being only a bit North in Petaluma, I have rarely eaten in the city, so I am at a loss on where to go. I'm open to any type of cuisine, but I don't eat beef. I would like to stay under or around $25/main plate. I really appreciate local and organic. Full bar is not necessary, but a decent wine-by-the-glass menu is needed.

Some places that we really enjoy here at home in Sonoma County are BarnDiva & Central Market.

I welcome any suggestions! Thanks so much!


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  1. Frances, Baker & Banker, Cotogna, AQ, and Nopa (to name a few). Are probably all in the price range and vibe you are looking for. AQ is on the edge of a grittier neighborhood, which may be a consideration depending on your comfortableness with urban environments.