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Jul 8, 2012 09:10 PM

NYC restaurant advice needed, dining with child

HI, I will be in NYC for 3 days at the end of July. I am traveling with my 3.5 year old son. He is well behaved in restaurants and I love nice food... where should I go? Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner suggestions would be great. Any advice on where to stay too?

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  1. Your question is way too vague. With literally thousands of restaurants in the City, we really need a bit more information to give you any meaningful recs. for example, what's your price range for each meal before tax, tip and any drinks? What are your food likes and dislikes, any cusines you particularly want to try or any you want to avoid? The end of July can be very hot, so you may want places that don't require a long trip from where you're staying.

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      Breakfast/Brunch, we would like to do Chinese, Tapas, and Italian. Price doesn't matter, I can go early with my son if it is more kid friendly. I would love to go to Gramercy Tavern, I read you can eat early downstairs and it is more kid appropriate. Thanks!

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        Clinton St Baking Co on a weekday as the lines are too long for weekend brunch
        Union Square Cafe for weekend brunch
        North End Grill for weekend brunch
        Locanda Verde for breakfast or weekend brunch, make a reservation

        Chinese: nearly everywhere in Chinatown is kid friendly, closer to Midtown try Cafe China or Szechuan Gourmet

        Tapas: Tertulia at lunch/brunch but not dinner, it's too crowded at dinner. Txikito, make a reservation there.

        Italian: I'd do Maialino, make a reservation. I've seen many families there before.

    2. The mods typically frown upon non-food and non-drink discussion here. For advice on where to stay, try TripAdvisor (but stay HERE for the food advice).

      Kid friendly in Manhattan:

      It's hard to give specifics without knowing what you like and what your son does or doesn't like.

      As you probably know earlier is usually better if bringing children along, and also much will depend upon neighborhood and what else you are doing (tourist attractions).

      Try searching for "kid friendly" along with the place you're visiting ("The Met" "Natural History" etc).

      1. I've just now answered a similar question, though the kids involved may be older. For what it's worth:

        1. For breakfast and lunch Penelope is great and friendly for children.
          Where to stay? We live in Murray Hill and love it. There are quite a few hotels close to Grand Central where you can get a subway to most anywhere. Check out one of the travel web sites for an actual hotel. For convenience just stay away from the way uptown or financial district hotels.