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Jul 8, 2012 09:01 PM

Best candy & bakeries in NE Wisconsin (GB/Manitowoc/Fox Valley)

I found this article, and I'm hoping to plan a little road trip visiting some great candy or chocolate shops and bakeries. http://travel.nytimes.com/2008/02/08/...

The article recommends:
Appleton: Wilmar Chocolates
Vande Walle’s Candies
Oshkosh: Oaks
Kiel: Roeck’s Bakery
Manitowoc: Beerntsens (family favorite - love the turtle sundaes!
)DePere: Seroogy’s
Green Bay: Kaap’s

I'm only familiar with Beerntsens and Seroogy's, and we've liked both, but especially Beerntsens, the cute shop, lunch, ice cream sodas, the sundaes, and chocolate and candy to go!
Any reviews of the ones on the list?

Any other places that should be on my list?
For my plans, it looks like Hughes and Wilmar's are both closed for the month, so I'd really love any other shops/bakeries that were missed!

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  1. If you're in Manitowoc, I HIGHLY recommend Hartmann's bakery (5 mins north of Beerntsen's). Hartmann's is a quintessential old-time bakery, with to-die-for donuts (don't miss the long johns, cruelers, or kalachis), and great breads, rolls, and cookies/bars/cupcakes. I've lived in the Twin Cities for 10 years, and I find it very hard not to make a special donut run to Hartmann's when I'm back visiting family.

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      Thanks for the recommendation! We've been in Manitowoc quite a bit, but we've never seen Hartmann's. I'll go on the list, especially with the donuts. I haven't had good donuts in a long time!

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        COJ, did you ever make it to Hartmann's?