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Jul 8, 2012 08:25 PM

TABLE 9 - Peekskill

in the old At The Reef space.

I've been a few times now, and so feel ready to report.
And, it's "okay".

It's a very nicely redecorated space, with a comfortable bar in the front (and 'high tables' facing the bar)

The menu is kind of diner food. A little bit of everything and most of it fairly predictable.
And the good news might be that prices are very reasonable.

My wife said "I think of it as a 'nice' diner" and if you go with that and think of it that way, it's pretty good.
As good as any diner in the neighbourhood certainly, and a nicer atmosphere with a real bar if you want a cocktail or glass of wine with your dinner; which no doubt makes it a more attractive place to go.

I can't exactly rave about it, as the food is very bland and unexceptional; but it's fine for what it is and, given the right mood, I'll go back.

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  1. Thanks for the review. I was wondering if they were open yet. I hadn't seen any banners or signs, the last time I drove by.

    Do they still have the salad bar in the new restaurant?

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    1. re: ltlevy

      not that I noticed, no (happily)

      it looks much more like a "real restaurant"

    2. Went tonight and it was really good. Great cocktails- no high fructose corn syrup mixes, they use real juice. My old fashioned had great muddled fruit, a rare site!!! Food was great!!! We all had fish, our favorite the fish tacos, nicely prepared. Seared tuna was wonderful. Desserts were amazing flourless chocolate cake was almost like a giant truffle, and the cinnamon ice cream perfection. Service was warm and pleasant. Well above diner food, and much better than many "fine dining" places in the area.

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      1. re: rkaene

        "and much better than many "fine dining" places in the area."

        such as?

        1. re: weedy

          thyme, and division grill for example. The quality of food and service are much better here. BTW why are you always so argumentative?

          1. re: rkaene


            couldn't one as easily construe your answer to my post saying "well above diner food" as "argumentative"?
            we all have opinion; and post them.

            I think Division is complete crap. One of the worst restaurants in every possible way I've been to ANYWHERE.

            On the other hand, we disagree about Thyme; which I think kills Table 9

            1. re: rkaene

              I would hardly call either fine dining - especially Division Street Grill!

        2. I've driven my Table 9 a million times and after reading your post I had to try it. Went there tonight with my girlfriend who lives literally 3 minutes away. Here's my take on it...

          The staff was awesome, very friendly, all of them, from the hostess/greeters near the door to the waiter, and the manager walking around greeting tables. Our waiter was knowledgeable of the food and he gave us a "tour" of the menu.

          We ordered the Nacho's as an appetizer. HUGE serving. The price was $9.99 which is a pretty average price of Nacho's anywhere (give or take $1) and it was tremendous. The presentation was nice. Came topped with sour cream, Guac, chopped onions and tomatoes, Jalapenos. Very Cheesy. My only complaint is toward the inside the cheese wasn't fully melted.

          I ordered the fish taco's. 3 taco's for $13.99, I enjoyed it but nothing special to make me want to order it again. Came with a side of white rice and black beans. Rice could have used seasoning. Taco's had a lot of fish in them along with a tasty sauce and lettuce/tomato. Flour tortillas.

          My girlfriend had the buffalo chicken sandwich. $9.99, nice portion, big side of fries, pickle. The bread on the sandwhich was amazing. Came with a big thick slice of tomato and lettuce. Their buffalo sauce was great. One thing we found strange is they put a slice of american cheese on this sandwhich. We both felt it would be better off with no cheese however cheddar would have been much better then american.

          My conclusion is I will absolutely be back. Extremely fair prices, and good food. While my meal was good it definetly wasn't a standout dish. One thing that caught my eye on the menu that I will try next time is the Crab Cake Hoagie. Give table 9 a try!

          1. IDK, thought it was just eh, got wings without sauce, waiter had shakes while pouring martini, hard to find stuff that wasnt fried, or covered in cheese, I say don't go out of your way, htere are better diners.

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            1. re: daisylover

              We had a wonderful dinner there last night. A nice menu of cocktails. I had the Cadillac margarita and it was fresh and not bottled. Hubby had a Shock Top beer.

              For apps we had the fried calamari (I asked if they were fresh or frozen) they were melt in your mouth fresh. We also had the Aisan mussels in a coconut curry sauce that we could have slurped with a straw. Both apps came out piping hot.

              I had a french onion soup that was HUGE and had a very thick layer of cheese on top. Broth was not flavorful at all.

              For dinner my daughter and I had the crab cake hoagie that came with fries in the little fry basket. Fries were very very good. The sandwich was HUGE with 2 stacked crabcakes, bacon, avacado on a really nice sturdy roll. Hubby had the buffalo chicken sandwich.

              There were several things on the menu that I wanted to try like the fried chicken and waffles. They also have red velvet waffles on the dessert menu that looked good on a tray passing by.

              The space is decorated really nicely and I think it's a welcomed addition up our way, The bar area looks like a great place to hang out and have a cocktail or 2 with friends.

              1. re: doberlady

                I went to Table 9 this past Friday. It was good. The menu is similar to a diner menu. The newly decorated restaurant is nice. I had a glass of Chianti and it was ok. The staff are very friendly and accommodating. I had a bowl of french onion soup. It was quite large and the broth was not flavorful; however, there was an abundance of cheese on top. I had the buffalo chicken sandwich for dinner. The sandwich was tasty, a bit oily and the Brioche bun that it was served on was good. They served french fries with the sandwich in a small french frying basket. I liked the presentation. My guest had a large Greek salad. He commented that it was authentic. Overall, the place is ok. I've heard that it's the same owner. It's apparent that the owner spent a great deal of money on remodeling the restaurant but the menu does not reflect such a change.