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Jul 8, 2012 08:17 PM

pre-theater group dinner near Barclay Theater, Irvine (UCI) for this Saturday?

I have organized a group to go to a play at the Barclay and we need somewhere to go for dinner beforehand. I am not very familiar with Irvine as I live in West LA.

NEED-->Good for groups (8-15 ish?), no ethnic/Asian/sushi, no fine dining, absolutely must be wheelchair accessible. This is more about the camaraderie for the group than it is about having a culinary experience to remember. Close to Barclay if possible.

I did some research online for nearby restaurants and Steelhead Brewing Company looked to be very close to the theater and suitable, however, they are closed for a private party. Too bad, as I liked the price points.

Britta's also looked do-able, though the price points were a little bit higher than I would like (trying to be sensitive for everyone's budgets as between gas from LA to Irvine, theater tickets and dinner, things are starting to add up) for the group. Also, we were thinking of going to Britta's AFTER the theater for coffee/dessert (we have a private audience with the cast and need a place to "hang" afterwards) so it would be kind of repetitive to go there both before and after the show. We -could- go to Britta's for dinner, but in that case we'd need a different place to go to for dessert post-theater.

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  1. Since Steelhead is closed on that particular day, you won't find anything other than Britta's or Veggie Grill in the University Town Center. Anthill Pub (on second floor of UCI Student Center, should be wheelchair accessible though) says they're open only from 7pm-1am on Saturdays, so that probably won't work as a pre-show dinner.

    Most everything else nearby Barclay is fast-food or Asian/ethnic. You'll most likely have to dine away from the UCI campus (in a > 5mi kind of way).

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      Fair enough--do you have suggestions in that radius? I don't know the area very well, unfortunately, since I'm up here in West LA. A short drive is ok as, if I schedule dinner is early enough, we will have sufficient time to get to the theater.

      I think I am going to use Britta's as our "post-theater" dessert and coffee venue so we don't loose people after the show.

      1. re: sablouwho

        Opps. Scratch that...I haven't been in the Irvine area for a long time, so a few places escaped my memory. I haven't been, so I can't vouch for them.

        - Daily Grill (~1.6mi): basic American fare...can be a bit pricey
        - CPK (~1.8mi): chain pizza/pasta
        - Bistango (~1.6mi): American w/ Spanish influence...don't know if you consider that ethnic, but it's a bit on the pricier side.

        These three are just off the 405 on Jamboree. IMO, Irvine is mostly chain restaurants, fast food, or Asian. There's probably more than these three restaurants, but nothing I know of off the top of my head.

        1. re: yangster

          Instead of staying in Irvine, you can go past UCI for a few miles (5 to 10 minutes) and go to Newport. Fashion Island is not too far away. For chains, there is Daily Grill, Cheesecake Factory, and El Torito Grill. Muldoon's is an quasi Irish Pub with a wide menu and a really nice indoor patio, but you need to double check with them on the wheelchair access.

    2. Since you are coming from LA on the 405. I would suggest something right off the freeway. Andrei's which is N off Jamboree & 405. Price point is a little higher but they do have sm plates. Or S off Jamboree is Houstons (a chain).