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Jul 8, 2012 07:52 PM

Old fashion Chinese restaurant Brooklyn, Staten Island or Long Island

I am looking for an old fashion Chinese restaurant ( like the dim old ones with neon signs and old vinyl booths), The last one I went to was Richard Yee's on Avenue U in Brooklyn which is now closed..

I'm looking for one Preferably in Brooklyn, but Staten Island or Long Island would be fine. I have tried several restaurants in Brooklyn such as China New Star on Flatbush ave, it's passable but stlll doesn't have the same taste as the old restaurants.

Please help, I am tired of take out!!! lol

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  1. What's wrong with Queens?!
    I'm not sure whether the decor is more important to you than the food, but I think you're looking for someplace like King Yum in Fresh Meadows.
    I haven't been in a very long time but I think it's what you're looking for.

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      King Yum is still there and still the same. Had a Pu Pu platter craving not long ago.

    2. Hy Ting on Main St in Riverhead is exactly what you seek. They even have a fish tank.

      1. You might enjoy China View, in Plainview, LI.

        395 South Oyster Bay Road Plainview, NY 11803
        (516) 935-6177