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Huarache Loco Larkspur

Anyone been here? Is it good Mexican Food?

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  1. El Huarache Loco got it's start in the alemany farmers market. their niche is mexican street food.
    menu: gorditas, huarache, tacos, tiacoyitos con requesor, tostadas, quesillas, pambazo, etc.
    they've been featured on the anthony b's layover program and kqed's check please.

    El Huarache was a weekly vendor at marin's farmers market for about a year until they opened up a shop in larkspur landing.

    had it only once in larkspur. the food tastes better at the alemany farmer's market.
    (lamb taco).

    1. I, too have only been to their stand at the Alemany farmer's market, but I go there regularly. Other than a few dishes, such as the lamb tacos, it's pretty similar to what you'll find at the better taco wagons in Oakland and better than most restaurants in the Mission. If it's nearly as good in Larkspur, it's worth a visit. Sometimes I go to the farmers market just for a bowl of their lamb soup.

      1. I had lunch there today and liked it a lot. I've never had their food elsewhere so can't compare locations. I had the Tlacoyito, "Handmade blue corn masa cake filled with requesón cheese; Topped with cilantro, crema, queso fresco and onions" with Alambre added, "Steak with chorizo, bacon, grilled peppers grilled onions and cheese". I've never had one of those before, but I liked this one. I liked the seasoning as is; didn't add any salsas although I might next time.

        Is it the quality of El Molino Central in Sonoma? Not to me, but it was quite good.

        Yelp reports are all over the place, from raves to hate, even more than Yelp-usual, including complaints about the service. Today, the counter staff was unfailingly helpful and polite, and the food came quickly.

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          I went back today and had the Huarache, "Sandal-shaped corn masa cake filled with beans topped with salsa, cilantro, crema, queso fresco and onions" with Al Pastor. I liked it even better than the Tlacoyito of two days ago. Check this place out for yourself.

        2. Went again today and had their Mole “El Huarache Loco” ($10), "Veronica’s recipe for chicken mole comes from her family’s restaurant in Mexico City". Wow, this was excellent mole along with three very good thick tortillas and rice and very flavorful beans. Too much very good food for me to finish for $10, a great deal. The chicken was three large meaty drumsticks.

          1. Agree with Malcolm about this place. Had really nice lunch there. His reports on the new bbq place (Best L'il Porkhouse, see http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/862650) and another nice lunch at relatively new VietNamese place, PhoViet, and it seems like food choices are picking up in central Marin.

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              One can only hope! It's been a relative wasteland for too long. Now, if only more good Asian restaurants would move in...maybe there's an appreciative public for them. My husband and I are both looking forward to the Porkhouse one evening this week. As 'cue natives, we'll be rigorous but hopefully happy judges.

            2. Still a fustercluck at the front counter but when you finally get your food, it's very good. Worth the effort but go at off hours for faster service.

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                I went last week and had the mole. Unfortunately it was way too salty. Perhaps it was an off night. It did make me crave the mole at Tres Hermanas in Richmond.

                I'm not giving up though since I'm in Larkspur a lot. What should I get next time I go back?

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                  I would recommend the Tlacoyito with either Alambes or the chicken topping. Also the Huarache is a good choice. I got one of each and was full. Just one would not be enough for me. They make very good Jamaica (hibiscus tea) as well.

                  Buen provecho!

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                    Went there for breakfast twice last week and ordered the chilaquiles both times with a fried egg (+$1.00), it's served in a salsa verde and the fried egg was actually 2 eggs each time. They were very good and the spiciness was not dumbed down especially for the area.

              2. I had lunch there again today and had the Mole El Huarache Loco ($10) and then a Flan ($4). Everything was excellent, including the beans and rice which I generally don't eat, and also the thick corn tortillas. Portion size was good, not huge on rice and beans like in many places. Quality over quantity, but definitely enough food. Flan was also excellent. This is a very good place.

                Photos over a few visits.