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Jul 8, 2012 07:17 PM

Very cheap eats in Montreal

Hello! My friend and I our backpacking our way through Canada. We are on a very cheap budget therefore we need to eat very cheap but good. Any recommendations? This is our very first time in montreal.

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  1. where will you be staying? Are you only going to be eating at fast food/restaurants? How often per day?

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      Haha honestly don't know where I'm staying at. I am staying with my friends friend. Ill be in Montreal for 3 days and will like to only spend $20 or less a day.

    2. This $10 thread might be a good starter although it may be overwhelming with all the replies.

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          That's a great thread but it's three years old so some of the places have closed and some prices have gone up considerably.

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            It could be a good idea to start a new 10$ thread !

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              If you're in the area, Café Sardine (9 Fairmount east) can be a good option for lunch. I went about two weeks ago and if I remember correctly, all the options were below 10$. They also make their own donuts! And if you feel like spending a bit more on that day, they make very good espresso also. They use Phil & Sebastian coffee beans.

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              Hmmm is there anything on that thread that is still open?

          2. Chalet BBQ on Sherbrooke St W is pretty cheap. I know their lunch specials (leg or breast) are <$10 (includes slaw or tomato juice, fries, gravy, bun, and soft drink). Also some of the best chicken in the city (pretty damned good fries and gravy to boot). They have similar meals for dinner without the soda or slaw or juice (pay extra).

            Cafe Presto comes to mind
            Where a meal is about $7. Whenever I eat there, however, the antipasto, wines, etc brings it way over $10.

            Restaurant Beijing in Chinatown (I assume others as well) has cheap, 1 plate lunch items.

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                Anything in Chinatown is dirt cheap, especially at lunch. Another fave or porker and myself is Amigo 168, at 1027 St-Laurent, upstairs. Get the house special: salt & pepper pork chops. 4-5 chops on a huge pile of rice with a fried egg. At $10, it'll feed 2 - and they're open til 4am most nights!

                1. re: Shattered

                  it's a personal favorite of mine too

              2. Thalis would be a cheap eat in Little India (L'Acadie and Jean Talon thereabouts).And Thali ( the restaurant) downtown on St. Marc is cheap too. I think the thalis are about ten bucks tax in for the meat version and slightly less for the veggie. They also have big filling wraps: nan stuffed with either chicken, lamb kebab or aloo paneer for five bucks tax in. The Indian place in Le Faubourg has similar wraps with more veggie and bean fillings for about two bucks more.

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                  One of the best places in Montreal for Vegetarian Thali's is Pushap on Pare St (only).The other Pushap restaurants are owned by family but are nowhere near as good.

                2. Im trying not to spend over $20 to $25 a day on food without eating fast food if possible.

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                  1. re: Melissamarie329

                    Not sure what you mean by fast food, but thalis are typical Indian meals on compartmentalized metal platters with portions of curries, rice, salad and nan.