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Jul 8, 2012 07:13 PM

Galatoires Clancy's August or Brigsten ?

Only have two nights,

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  1. What days odf the week? Are you willing to dress or rather be in tourist togs?

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    1. re: hazelhurst

      Hmmm, I'd go for August & Brigtsen's. One is fancy, the other homey.

    2. My personal favorite is Galatoire's but I really like Clancy's. Emeril told me it was his favorite NOLA restaurant. I'm not a big fan of Brigsten's or August but I must admit August is a great restaurant. Besh has increased NOLA's dining reputation with his great places.

      1. Unless you are a regular, stay away from Clancy's. They seem to lose out of town reservations.

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        1. re: State St.

          We (out-of-towners) went to Clancy's last winter and had a wonderful meal. True, we were not seated in the main dining room, but upstairs in siberia, which was disappointing and had us wondering if we'd made the wrong choice. But the food... I still dream of it. So old-school but perfect. Plus a lovely list of grower champagnes. Do dress up.

          If you really can only do two, then I'd say Galatoire's and Brigtsen's. Clancy's is great but the food is much the same as Galatoire's, where you will probably have a more atmospheric experience as a visitor, and it's one of those must-do life experiences.

          Have not had much success with August, and I found the food to be not terribly different than what I've had in other cities.

          1. re: Scorched Palate

            Thanks. Wound up with friday lunch at gal, dinner at August lunch at parkway and headed to dinner at upper line -- no reservations avail at clancys which is our favorite in town. Very underwhelmed by August. Just too much fuss and foam. Best dish do far : roast beef po boy at parkway. Gal is always great and Friday lunch downstairs is worth the price if admission.

          2. re: State St.

            That is interesting. We have yet to dine there, but a year, or so ago, had reservations. We were definitely "out-of-towners/tourists" and were looking forward to dining there. When our trip got changed, and greatly, I called to cancel. I spoke to a gentleman, who took time to cancel my reservations, and graciously invited us to dine with them, on our next trip. He genuinely seemed saddened, that we would not be there, for our reservations, and made me feel more than "welcome." As fate would have it, we lost 4 days to our trip, and have yet to make it to Clancy's, but my treatment, over the telephone, made me want to dine there, even more. They seemed to really care, so I am surprised.


            1. re: Bill Hunt

              Go to clancys. The upstairs room for tourists is just fine