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Jul 8, 2012 05:48 PM

Anniversary Dinner Recs

We'll be staying in Wakiki for our anniversary week. any good recs for dinner?
Any and all food is our fav.
Thai is her fav, mine is Indian but we go for anything.

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  1. Not on your list of favorites for food but it was amazing the meal we had last Saturday night at Michel's at the Colony Surf, just lovely!

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      Reading YOUR comment, makes me want to give them another try.



      1. re: Bill Hunt

        Bill it was a fabulous meal. From start to finish. Lobster bisque, french onion soup with it's cloche of puff pastry, tableside Caesar, Cioppipno (served tableside, pouring of the luscious broth over a beautiful selection of seafood, fish and veggies, local veal osso buco. Special little anniversary dessert. And Philip the GM made a great wine suggestion of a Babaresco. Also had prime table #45 for a fabulous view.

    2. Depends on what you are looking for. Is ann ocean view important to you for your dinner? if so, La Mer would probably be a good fit. If you do not care about a view, my husband and I love Chef Mavro. At Mavro the chef integrated local ingredients and flavors with classic French techniques.the dining room is also very pretty, and the service is friendly without being overbearing. The wine pairings are well thought out. There are several preset menus (three course, four course, etc.) but we have never had a problem substituting a course from one menu for a course on another. My husband and I are from San Francisco and are pretty spoiled with good food, amd Mavro is the place we always go when we have a sitter for our son. Another place were the food is quite interesting (in a positive way) is Alan Wong, but the ambiance is pretty dismal. We felt like we were in an office. I care more about food than decor, but for a romantic evening, I personally would not go there. Finally, I have heard good things about Azure but have not been there yet. Enjoy your anniversary!

      1. My "fine dining short list" of "special occasion" restaurants:

        La Mer at the Halekulani. It is upscale, and gentlemen should wear jackets. Ask for one of the tables, looking down on House Without a Key, to take in the Hawai`ian music below. Great menu, and even better wine list. Not for those on any budget, but almost always lives up to our expectations.

        Alan Wong's on King Street - we have been dining there, from almost the day that Chef Wong opened, and have never had a disappointing dinner. Now, over the decades, there have been a few dishes, that did not cause us to sing - but very few. The wine list is not as deep, but well-suited for the fare.

        Chef Mavro's, also on King Street. We encountered Chef Mavro, when he was the exec. chef at La Mer, and have followed him to his eponymous restaurant, about two blocks up from Alan Wong's. The wine list is deeper, and any list, that has Delinger Montrachet in a B-T-G selection gets a nod from me.

        Enjoy and happy anniversary,