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Jul 8, 2012 05:46 PM

What do you cook with sorrel or chervil?

Years ago I bought a French cooking magazine that had a "retro cuisine" section with a recipe for a sorrel soup with chervil that looked appealing, but I couldn't find either sorrel or chervil at the time. Last week both appeared at the farmer's market, and I remembered the soup. I made it, and it was fantastic!

Now I'm sorrel and chervil crazy, and knowing that these aren't herbs I'll be able to pick up regularly throughout the year, I'm curious about any favorite recipes that include them that I can cook now.

I searched and found this recipe for Nora Ephron's sorrel soup:

Other than that, what do people cook with chervil and/or sorrel?

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  1. My lady wife has been growing lots of sorrel in the garden and we love it in a mixed green salad; it adds a surprising bit of lemony bite. Another recipe we been having often is braised radishes with sorrel:


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      i'm going to pass this radish recipe along to my SO who is sorrel cooker in chief for us.

    2. My SO grows sorrel and chervil because we love both. He makes a sorrel soup we like. And we make a 4 herb pasta with chervil from one of the herbfarm books. It has chervil, tarragon, parsley and chives, with some ricotta and parm.

      The herbfarm guy says chervil shouldn't be cooked but should be added at the end. It would probably go great in an omelet added at the end. And the herbfarm guy puts it in at the end of that Greek soup with rice, lemon and egg. It sounds good in that too.

      1. Got a lot of sorrel in my CSA bin earlier this year and made sorrel pesto. I froze the leftovers in icecube trays. It was great.

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          Any advice on keeping the sorrel from turning brown? I love sorrel pesto but the khaki color it gets when handled is not visually appealing.

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            I cut off a piece (maybe 1/3 or 1/4) of a vitamin C tablet and tossed into the food processor. It also helps with basil pesto.

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                Same as citric acid, right? It's sometimes sold with the canning supplies in grocery stores.

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                  I had heard about it on a cooking show many years ago and finally decided to try it. It really worked at keeping things green!

          2. I've been doing salmon with sorrel sauce for a few years now when wild salmon is in season. I use the Troisgras recipe from Danial Boulud's cookbook.

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              thereisjewish soup called schav and it is made with sorrel(sour grass)

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                That sounds like it was made to go together.