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Jul 8, 2012 05:43 PM

Surfas Opening in Costa Mesa

Good news for OC Hounds. Surfas is opening a location in Costa Mesa:


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  1. I say to make it fair, Culver City should get in return, Portola, Savory Spice Shop and one of those cute little clothing boutiques...

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    1. Does anybody know when Surfas is going to be open?

      1. re: js76wisco

        I walked by it on sat and from the look of it(nothing happening)it will be months.

        1. re: mrsjoujou

          where is this located in Costa Mesa?

          1. re: happycooking

            If you click on the hyperlink provided by the OP the story gives the exact future address.

            1. re: happycooking

              @happycooking: Surfas will be opening in SoCo (South Coast Collection) where the OC Mart Mix is (Savory Spice Shop, Portola Coffee Lab, etc). Harbor blvd / 405 in Costa Mesa.

      2. Any updates on Surfas opening date in the OC...I saw they were hiring on their website...

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        1. re: happycooking

          On the Eater LA website they quoted an employee at the Culver City store - late October or early November.

          1. re: happycooking

            This Friday, according to multiple people at the Culver City store.


            1. re: Das Ubergeek

              I went to see on Friday, and it was not yet open, there were people working in there, but it looked like there was quite a bit still to do...

              1. re: mikester

                Surfas in Costa Mesa open now according to Eater LA.

                1. re: TNT Adventures

                  No such luck. As of lunch hour today, it still isn't open. Sign on the window said opening soon and there appeared to be some construction going on inside. Suspense is building!

          2. Apparently, news of the CM location opening are highly exaggerated (apologies to Mark Twain).

            I e-mailed Surfas and just received this:

            Hi Michael,

            We don’t have an opening date yet. We will be updating customers on facebook, twitter and via email blasts. You can sign up for our email list on surfasonline.com

            Thank you

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            1. re: mikester

              Well, it looks like Surfas CM is finally about to open!

              I was there yesterday and the cafe and the store both looked great, and it looked like they were running through some final training for staff. Surfas' Facebook page says they will be opening on Friday, the 23rd.

              1. re: mikester

                I too stopped by after a trip to Portola Coffee Lab and although it looked open from a far, the sign on the front door says grand opening Friday!

                1. re: mikester

                  They opened on Friday, I was officially the first customer at the cheese and charcuterie counter ! I bought some of the amazing cheeses and also a few outstanding pork products from Angel's, out of Encinitas - who knew !

                  This is a great addition to the OC food world.

                  1. re: mikester

                    I went there too on Friday more towards after lunch. Bought two carbon steel pans and some nueske canadian bacon. Great that you can grab a great cup of coffee at Portola and then swing by Surfas after.

              2. Stopped by today...damn youse!!! Just finished an entire baguette with echire butter. Picked up some epoisses. Picked up boudin blanc and boudin noir. Picked up some more olive oil, pasta, and San Marzano tomatoes.

                The cheese and cured meat selections are up and running near full stock. White truffles are available. There were many empty shelves and it looks like they are still bringing in goodies.

                This place is going to kill it for the holidays.