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Jul 8, 2012 05:24 PM

Please help us plan another memorable trip

My wife and I will be returning to Rome for four nights in late September to celebrate our 25th anniversary. On prior trips, we loved Il Convivio (and plan to return). Thanks to advice from many regular contributors to this Board, we also enjoyed memorable an delicious dinners at Tuna, Antico Arco and we had a lovely carbonara lunch in the garden at Al Presidente (which seems to have fallen out of favor). We were a bit underwhelmed by La Pergola (too impersonal and formulaic?) and by La Terrazza (too eh?) at the Hotel Eden. For this trip, in addition to a return to Il Convivio, we are thinking of Il Pagliaccio for our anniversary dinner. Other spots on our list of considerations include Glass, Metamorphosi, Perilli (for carbonara lunch?), Baby and Open Colonna. We welcome your commentary and suggestions.

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  1. I am one of the only people in the world who don't like Glass, but I don't. I think the food is very good at Metamorfosi, but the location is not interesting (Parioli). Baby, alas, is no more, replaced by Oliver Glowig, where I haven't been and am not interested in (from the little I've read). I like Open Colonna (disclaimer: I translate for Antonello Colonna), both gourmet evening place and lunch buffet. The space is amazing and the food too (obviously big diff between the day and evening). Perilli leaves me cold, but if you want to spoil your appetite for those gorgeous dinners by eating carbonara for lunch, it's as good a place as any for that. I haven't been to Il Pagliaccio for a few years, but am sure it's still wonderful. (They are a little too insistent with the English for my taste.) New and wonderful is Pipero, near the opera.

    1. Congratulations on your 25th! What a lovely way to celebrate.

      Baby has closed, and is now Oliver Glowig. I haven't tried it yet, but I recently sent clients there and they loved it! Also, I know Katie has gone and has reported back very favorably.

      Both Glass and Metamorphosis are excellent choices, although very different in approach and setting. FYI we went to Metamporphosis for our 22nd anniversary in January and had a delicious, special, celebratory meal. (much champagne was consumed)

      I'm not a fan of Open Colonna, and can't understand at all the appeal of the lunch buffet. Big platters of grain and pasta salads. The space is amazing, but the food just seems bland. I haven't been to the high end Colonna though, so can't comment on that.

      Perilli is one of my favorite restaurants in the world. As far as carbonara goes, this is the place to get it.

      A place I went to the other day, and loved, was Zoc. Angelo Toiani (of Il Convivio) has recently redone the menu here (and at sister restaurant Urbana 47). Loved the space, and the food was inventive, light and delicious. I had a 'hot dog' made from bacala as well as a starter of octopus carpaccio with melon. This is a perfect place for lunch.

      1. I love Il Convivio. In the last few years before I even look at the menu, and ask the superior wine steward, Massimo about recommendable wines -- one year Amarone, one year Barolo, etc. He has always chosen a heavely wine. The I ask him what food will go with the wine, and again he chooses well. Next time I'm there, Massimo promised me a fine wine from southern Italy. Tell Massimo Mr. Sid Cundiff from North Carolina USA sent you.

        1. Our last dinner at Il Pagliaccio, for our anniversary, was a bust. It's off our list. Metamorfosi is very good, but it seemed to me last time that half the menu was raw. Al Presidente is gone. Antonello Colonna is good. The gourmet restaurant upstairs is excellent, and we also like the buffet, which is a great bargain. I have heard Tuna has closed, but I haven't verified. I'm hoping someone will read this and post news. Antico Arco seems to be going strong. Haven't been to Convivio in a while, but always loved it. Went to Glass twice and didn't like it either time.