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Jul 8, 2012 04:52 PM

need recipe for dry boneless garlic ribs

so i tried several recipe for dry boneless garlic ribs but i'm still not happy with them . I want them to be as close as the ones you get at restaurants just not as tough. LOL. Thankfully, mine all turned out tender but I still cannot get the nice crunchy coating. The last batch i made the coating just peel off. I marinated the pieces first then toss them in a mixture of half flour and half corn starch. Shook off the excess flour then i deep fried the pieces.
any advice? thanks

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  1. Marinate, let dry, "shake" if necessary, then dust with flour, after shaking off the flour, let the pork rest, I wait until I see some of the flour turn "wet" from pork "juice". Then dust/shake in flour again and fry.

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      the pieces were fairly dry after the marinate. I did noticed some floured pieces turned "wet" as you mentioned while i wait for some to finish frying in the pan. But i did not dust/shake in flour the second time. I wonder if the corn starch is even necessary.