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Jul 8, 2012 04:23 PM

Dinner near Hyatt Regency in Minneapolis

I am looking for a good (but not fancy) dinner spot for a midweek business dinner. We are staying that the Hyatt Regency and would be happy walking or driving (if not too far). Up to $50 person is OK. American, Italian, Med are all great.

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  1. Vincent-- a few blocks down on Nicollet. Always good and quiet enough you can carry on a conversation.

    1. Here's a mini-review of the new Hyatt restaurant, maybe an option?

      1. Cafe Lurcat is just a few minutes away from the Hyatt and looks out on Loring Park. Vincent and Lurcat are the two walkable places that come to mind, although all of Downtown and the Warehouse District are within 5-10 minutes driving.

        1. In addition to Vincent, which is a solid suggestion, here are three more walking options...

          Masa is one block further along Nicollet. They serve upscale Mexican.
          Porter and Frye is in the Hotel Ivy 2-3 blocks away. Modern cuisine.
          Cafe Lurcat in Loring Park. Modern cuisine. (Bar Lurcat alson an option.)

          If you are driving a rental car, the in and out of the Hyatt parking ramp might be a hassle. Yes, it's attached to the hotel, but it's a city-operated ramp.

          1. I'd recommend Zelo, at 9th and Nicollet. Excellent Italian. Further south on Nicollet, a la Salsa is pretty good, though I'd prob do Masa instead if you want Mexican.