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Nordic Ware Pro Cast


I found this new saute pan on Amazon and it looks interesting. Cast aluminum with a graphite non-stick surface. It comes with a lifetime warranty and it's made in the USA. The 8 and 10 are under $30 each. Oddly, the 8 in costs more than the 10.

Only a few reviews, but they're all good. The only question is longevity of the nonstick surface.

Anyone have any experience with these, or do I get to be the guinea pig?

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  1. I have had a few Nordic Ware pans in the past but have not been thrilled with their nonstick coatings. I suppose if expectations are managed they do ok. Back in the day, I expected nonstick cookware to last for many years. Now, I only expect a good two or three years out of the stuff, and Nordic Ware can certainly manage that. (Nordic Ware is the inventor of the Bundt pan by the way.)

    These pans are manufactured in St. Louis Park, Minnesota, just SW of Minneapolis. Their workers are paid well with benefits if that matters. (My fathers office used to be just a few blocks from their manufacturing plant).

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      Even Calphalon lasts just 6 months in professional kitchens (per mario batali.)

      For me, for home use, if I can get year per non-stick pan, I am happy. I've seen the nordicware pans at my local restaurant supply store and they do look nicely above average. Much heavier metal casting of the pan, thicker non-stick coating.

      If you want to go uber cheap but good - the non-stick skillet set at Costco has served me well, I always get at least a year from three non-stick pans for about $20 (if I have a coupon) $30 if I do not.

      But if you want nice heft and balance without buying the whole set - those nordic pans do look awfully nice! Happy cooking to you!

    2. Hi, al:

      Looks like you're gonna have to take one for the team. Looks like a good pan, great price and USA-made. What's not to like?

      If Nordic's website is accurate, this line has been around since 2004.


      1. Looking good. Unfortunately, you get to be the guinea pig.

        1. I pulled the string for an 8 in and a 10 in. I'll report back when there is news.

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            They do look mighty interesting. Thanks for taking one for the team - can't wait to hear the report!

          2. The pans arrived the other day. Initial impression: so far so good.

            The only documentation was the paper glued to the pan. At first they look smaller than other pans of the same size, and the handles look longer, but side-by-side there really isn't much difference. The handles are comfortable and the pans light and well balanced.

            This pan is higher on the end with the handle which is supposed to makes flipping omelets etc. very easy, I guess, but as I 'fessed up in http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/839473 that isn't what will happen here.

            While the web site says, "oven safe handles," the insert makes no mention of this and gives no temperature limit.

            The inaugural cooking even was uneventful. The pan heated evenly cooked evenly, and didn't stick. Clean up was equally a breeze.

            As with all non-stick cookware, non-stick longevity remains the big question. If I remember, I'll report back.

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            1. re: al b. darned

              <As with all non-stick cookware, non-stick longevity remains the big question>

              Thanks. I will also be waiting to read in 6 months or so.

            2. Well, I've had these pans for three months now and I'm still happy with them. While Nordic Ware calls them "nonstick" I think they would be more properly classified as "less stick." While many foods cook with no additional oil, tenacious stickers, like eggs, require a small amount of additional lubrication.

              While the insides clean up easily with the swipe of a soapy sponge, cleaning the outside is a bit more of a challenge. Cleaning the sides is easy, but the bottom of the pan is covered with round nubs. The space between these nubs is narrow and gunk magnet. If the stuff in there gets baked on it is darned near impossible to clean. If you are anal about this sort of thing, this will drive you nuts!

              When you shake the pans on the grate of a gas stove burner, they do not slide smoothly like a smooth bottom pan would. They sort of clunk as you move the pan back and forth across the grate.

              Having said that, I still highly recommend these pans. They heat evenly, cook well, and are mostly easy to clean.

              On Nordic Ware's website I found the temperature limit for using these pans in the oven is 400°F.

              Standby for further updates.

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              1. re: al b. darned

                Look really good. Unfortunately because the whole pan is made of aluminum (great conductor), the handle has to be coated with rubber(?). As such, I guess you cannot use it in the oven at high temperature.

                Is the "Graphite non-stick surface" still holding? Thanks for your generous update.

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                  the handle has to be coated with rubber(
                  The handle is made of some sort of plastic and can only go into a 400° oven max.

                  Except for little bit of gunk on the bottom, the pan looks like the day I got it. Definitely a keeper.

                  1. re: al b. darned

                    I may seriously get one then. Thanks. I already have a 10" cast iron and a 10" carbons steel pan, but a 12" Nordic Ware cast aluminum sounds good too.

                    Have you gotten a chance to see those enameled cast aluminum cookware. I saw a few in Home Goods. They look nice from a distance, but I have not used them.


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                      enameled cast aluminum cookware
                      Hadn't seen these before, but they look really nice. I'm looking for some more bakeware that will go inside my toaster oven. The 9 x 9 pan looked like a good candidate except that handles make it about half an inch too wide even to fit into my Braville Smart Oven.

                      It sounds like a set of these will fit though.

                      1. re: al b. darned

                        I do want to be clear that these cast aluminum from Nordic ware have nonstick Teflon on the interior surface. I don't think it will be a problem for me. Nonstick coating can last a very long time for slow and low temperature cookware, but I do want to be clear since many do not like nonstick coating.

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                  Here's a pic of, the bottom of the pan.