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May 25, 2004 03:48 PM

prix fixe/tasting menu in inland empire? does it exist!?

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I want to have a nice romantic dinner in the Inland Empire (don't ask why it has to be there ... long story! ha!). I'd like a nice restaurnat that has a tasting menu or prix fixe. Thanks! Anywhere in the area is fine, but ideally not too remote like Big Bear or Arrowhead. Thanks!

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  1. I read a good review of this place (can't remember where) but sounded good on paper. Their website is, but no menu...see link below for info./similar findings to the review I read.

    Napa 29
    280 Teller Street
    Corona, CA
    909 273-0529


    1. Tutti Mangia
      102 Harvard Ave
      Claremont, CA 91711-4716
      Ask to be on their mailing list every month or so they'll do a special that will include wine tasting. Quaint simple place, in the evening itis nice with white lights in th windows and great to walk around the village in the evening.

      Haven't been in years, and sometimes restaraunt quality can deteriorate, however I used to love a placed called Harvard Square also in the Village indoor/outdoor seating, quiet ambience

      My mom's favorite, and at the top of my list is Rosa's in Ontario. It is Italian (the osso bucco is fantastic). It is off Vineyard south of the 10 Freeway. Piano bar, romantic, classic feel. Rosa (the owner) also owns New York Grill which is located in the north eastern part of the Ontario Mills area, good oyster shooters.