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Jul 8, 2012 01:21 PM

SA Food Trucks

I looked around but didn't see any threads about the food trucks in San Antonio. With three thriving food truck parks, we have a lot of tasty food that can be eaten out of a truck (no, not a roach coach). My favorite is Rickshaw Stop. Other good ones are The Duk Truck (which is owned by Jason Dady), Wheelies, Guilty Pleasures, Spice Runner and Society Bakery. All great trucks to try out.

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  1. My favorite truck is Sabor Columbiano. I tried it when they were at the Culinaria Food Truck event - I think they sometimes park at the "Boardwalk at Bulverde" food truck park.

    1. Our first visi to the Boardwalk on Bulverde more than a year ago was a bit of a disappointment-only 3-4 trucks there on the day we went. Drove by there last Sunday and there must've been a dozen or more, so the mobile scene is definitely expanding. There's several at the Alamo Street location (the old Acapulco just south of Durango) and have also sampled at Ranger Creek Brewery open house. Personal faves: SaySheAte, Duk Truk, Where Y'atSA. Really want to try RollingPig but keep missing it.

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        I haven't tried SaySheAte or WhereY'at but will. A friend ate a sandwich and some corn (I think) from Where Y'at one night at BoB and really liked it.

      2. Thought you might be interested in the food truck throwdown at Boarwalk on Bulverde. Dates are Fri-Sat-Sun July 20-22. Most of the trucks have twitter/facebook pages that you can follow as well.

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          Yes! We are going on Friday night! I'm excited to check out some of the trucks from Austin and Canyon Lake that I haven't tried.

        2. We live really close to Boardwalk on Bulverde and love it. There are several outstanding trucks there (including Rickshaw good!), and the people there are super friendly. On Friday nights, they usually offer free beer (yes, really) which is nice. During football season, you can go and watch the games on a big screen. Its really nice.