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Jul 8, 2012 12:40 PM

Great late night Cajun or seafood off the 1-12 or 1-10

We're driving from Florida to California and will be getting into Louisiana pretty late but would love to have some great Cajun seafood. I'd prefer not to venture into the heart of NOLA and stay close to I-10 or even better I-12 to get a hotel and be back on the hwy first thing in the morning. Any suggestions? Also its a Sunday night so I know it might be hard to find.

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  1. Interstate 12 goes through the Florida Parishes which seem to pride themselves on NOT being Louisiana. It ends in Baton Rouge which wishes it were White Plains, New York. Once you cross the Mississippi River, you need to go about forty miles before you touch Acadiana (which is the Cajun stuff you are looking for). I cannot think of anything open on Sunday night but there might be something. On my visits oveer there I always leave for home Sunday morning or, if staying through the weekend, just have dinner at friends' homes. Lafayette is propbably your best bet for Sunday evening. Check Cochon and see if they are open....they are out to mulct the River Ranch luxe neighborhood and might not want to miss a nickle.

    1. I don't know about great Cajun seafood but there is definitely good Cajun seafood off I-12 at the Covington/Mandeville exit. There are a number of better chain motels there and food ranging from very pricey, Dakota, to family, Busters, Don's Seafood, Acme, and back up in price, Rip's.

      I'm not sure on their various Sunday hours but you can check their web sites and see if there are any other restaurants in that area that interest you. We can better answer some questions if you get a little more specific in the questions.

      To the east, Slidell has some mom and pop places but not as convenient to decent sleeping places as Mandeville. Probably the same for Baton Rouge.

      None of them are deep Cajun like you will find further west, as Hazelhurst notes. But the seafood, fish and shrimp, will be good and fresh.

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        I rarely get to teh Northshore these days so I am glad to hear the COnvington information. I will say that if the OP wants some really good headcheese, Armands in Slidell has the best I've had in a long time.