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vietnamese restuurants in San Jose

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My wife and I had good Vietnamese food years ago - fairly near a museum and or the main library. They had a type of noodle roll - sort of a pillow with meat on top - that we don't see in SF.

Any suggestions? We're heading for San Jose today!


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  1. The food court at Grand Century Mall is great and there's nothing like it in SF.


    1. Vung Tau ?

      1. noodle roll sounds like Banh Cuon.

        Banh Cuon Tay Ho (2895 Senter) is probably the best known. It's a branch of a chain based in Westminster, CA. They also have a branch in Oakland Chinatown
        I like the Banh Cuon at Thien Huong (1818 Tully in Lion Plaza)

        1. If you live in SF and are headed to SJ I would recommend the one dish that no one seems to be able to make at SF Viet restaurants: Bun Bo Hue (Spicy Hue-style beef & rice vermicelli noodle soup). There are a couple really good bun bo hue places in SJ; my favorite is Bun Bo Hue An Nam.

          Bun Bo Hue An Nam
          740 Story Rd Ste 3
          San Jose, CA 95122
          (408) 993-1755

          PS: If anyone can recommend decent bun bo hue in SF, I would love some input. I've tried it at a dozens + places and have been severely disappointed every single time. I've given up on eating it in SF but always down to try again based on a fellow chowhound rec.

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            make sure to get it with pizzle.

          2. Where did you end up?