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Jul 8, 2012 11:43 AM

vietnamese restuurants in San Jose

My wife and I had good Vietnamese food years ago - fairly near a museum and or the main library. They had a type of noodle roll - sort of a pillow with meat on top - that we don't see in SF.

Any suggestions? We're heading for San Jose today!


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  1. The food court at Grand Century Mall is great and there's nothing like it in SF.

      1. noodle roll sounds like Banh Cuon.

        Banh Cuon Tay Ho (2895 Senter) is probably the best known. It's a branch of a chain based in Westminster, CA. They also have a branch in Oakland Chinatown
        I like the Banh Cuon at Thien Huong (1818 Tully in Lion Plaza)

        1. If you live in SF and are headed to SJ I would recommend the one dish that no one seems to be able to make at SF Viet restaurants: Bun Bo Hue (Spicy Hue-style beef & rice vermicelli noodle soup). There are a couple really good bun bo hue places in SJ; my favorite is Bun Bo Hue An Nam.

          Bun Bo Hue An Nam
          740 Story Rd Ste 3
          San Jose, CA 95122
          (408) 993-1755

          PS: If anyone can recommend decent bun bo hue in SF, I would love some input. I've tried it at a dozens + places and have been severely disappointed every single time. I've given up on eating it in SF but always down to try again based on a fellow chowhound rec.

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            make sure to get it with pizzle.