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Jul 8, 2012 11:39 AM

Sedona-Heartline or Fournos?

We will be staying at the Enchantment Resort in August. Trying to decide between Heartline Cafe and Fournos for our first dinner. Plan on other dinners at Elote, Barking Frog, Che ah Chi (anniversary dinner) and Garlands. Appreciate your feedback. Thanks!

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  1. Love love love Enchantment resort and I see they got rid of one of my fave places to have lunch at Yavapai with the floor to ceiling glass overlooking the red rock in Boynton Canyon.
    Huge fan of Elote and I would get their as soon as it opens, you'll probably still have a wait but they make a fab blood orange marg.
    Garland's is another treasured spot that you will love.
    Cowboy Club downtown has one hell of a prickly pear marg and the food is excellent.
    I have not been to Heartline or Fournos...friends said that Heartline was good.
    Dahl & Di luca is close to the resort and had some great meals.

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    1. re: Beach Chick

      Heartline is a favorite and the patio is especially lovely on a summer evening. Sadly, Fournos has closed.

      1. re: janeh

        Thanks Janeh. Heartline it is then!

        1. re: janeh

          Hi janeh!
          Always love your take on Sedona and I was asked my friend who said Heartline was 'good' and she said that it's better for breakfast/lunch since dinner is pricey for a cafe style $27 chicken...when Elote is under $20 for blow your socks off kind of meal, Garlands 4 course for $45 in the most idyllic lodge setting.

          1. re: Beach Chick

            Hi Beach Chick.
            I really do like Heartline, and prefer dinner there. Go figure! Love Elote, but am often not up to the wait. Garlands, of course is absolutely wonderful - I could live there (haven't been invited, but one can hope!). During the summer months the farmers market is creekside at Tlaquepaque on Fridays from 8-11:30 a.m. - a great location under the sycamores with local produce and other delights.

            1. re: janeh

              Thanks janeh!
              Of the all the times we go to Sedona, I've never been and yes, we do have our usual places but like to try a new place each time and we've walked by their a zillion times.

              Garland's is magical isn't it...Don, the host is a doll.

              Elote is one of the best restaurants in the Country and the wait moves quick and helps sitting on that back patio, sipping on the blood orange marg...Cowboy Club has one of the best burgers I've ever had since they grind their own meat and char it over the grill..