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Jul 8, 2012 11:07 AM

Crab cake of my youth!

As a kid, my parents would often take us for sunday evening dinners and in the summer that meant crabs at Bill Bonds Pump Room on North Ave in Baltimore, And the pump room had the perfect crab cake which everyone would get, Well not long after Bill Bonds died in 1988 the pump room was sold and was becoming a gay bar. With the closing went the perfect crab cake,missing for 24 years. the most expensive version of Faidley's came close, the Prime Ribs was good a lot of places were good but not memorable. Last night we went to Samos restaurant in Greektown section of Baltimore.a small neighborhood restaurant which is BYOB, doesn't take reservations or plastic . started with trio of dips , hummus, tatsiki , and roasted eggplant and garlic served with warm pita. Delicious, then the grilled calamari in olive oil, garlic,and lemon. Fantastic, my wife had a huge Greek salad with their gyro meat on it. I split with my son the Shrimp Plaka, served over pasta in a tomato loose wine and garlic sauce and the greatest crab cakes I have had since 1988. They are creamy wih just the minimal amount of filler to help with binding the crab cake and premium back fin lump crab meat. It was the size of a nice sized burger and it was fried so the outer surfaces had a delicious dark brown then crust and not the least bit greasy...Unbelievable and without question Samos has the beat crab cake in the Baltimore DC. Annapolis or the Eastern Shore.

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  1. Looks like a SAMOS run is in my future..usually a gyro with feta!! BUT

    1. Second the crabcake at Samos. I got it as part of a seafood sampler; the one thing that really sticks out was that crabcake.

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        My routine order at Samos is Greek village salad, lamb souvlaki (cubes of lamb on a skewer) and Shrimp haloumi which is served with a roasted red pepper sauce. Thanks for the crabcake heads up, I will try it one day. I also enjoy the taramosalata (sp?) but only if I am with a group otherwise too much for us to eat.

        It is interesting that both you and Ellen recently mentioned a crabcake being creamy. (Ellen's was about the crabcake at Lakis on Eastern Avenue.) I wonder if their crabcake is similar to Samos'?

        How would you compare Samos grilled calamari to Zorba's? I love it at Zorba's but never have ordered it at Samos.

        1. re: baltimorejim

          I have never been to Zorba's but the grilled calamari at Samos was delicious.. Perfectly cooked so still tender with a very slight smokey taste and mild garlic with lemon and olive oil. Winner winner chicken dinner. Have been thinking about that crab cake ever since leaving and figuring out how to plan on getting back quickly. Btw I am usually very critical of crab cakes so believe me when I tell you that this one was special. And at $19.95 for a Greek salad, 2 crab cakes, roasted potatoes and grilled veggies....a steal!

          1. re: dining with doc

            I'll have to try that grilled calamari. Cava Mezze does the best grilled octopus I've ever had: just octopus, sea salt, olive oil, and lemon. I don't know how they tenderize their octopus, but a toothless person could eat it. Nothing like the chewy tako you find at most sushi places.


            1. re: dining with doc

              Do yourself a favor and make a trip to Zorba's, and try the grilled octopus and the lambchops!

            2. re: baltimorejim

              It was this thread that reminded me that I should post about Lakis. Despite many, many meals at Samos, I've never had crabcakes there and also wonder how they compare.