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Jul 8, 2012 11:02 AM

Favourite orders at Le Dome (Paris)?

My brother is going to be visiting me in Paris, and I'm looking forward to having someone to go to restaurants with. I live in Montparnasse, near Le Dome, and after I mentioned that I live near a world-famous seafood restaurant, he seemed eager to visit. Since I probably won't have the chance to go that many times, I thought I'd get some suggestions of what people's favourite dishes were.

Oysters aren't my favourite, but I really like fish, lobster, crab, shrimps, and those sorts of things. I think my brother likes all types of seafood, but doesn't like a lot of sauce. I'm much more interested in desserts than he is (and he's much more interested in alcohol than I am).

I'm also open to other suggestions, if people have other seafood places they prefer.

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  1. I've eaten seafood in Paris hundreds of times and I've had better seafood than I had at Le Dome most of the time. I was there last about a year ago and I won't be back. I had the large seafood platter with friends as well as a Sole Meunière. The raw shellfish was OK but the oysters were nowhere near the quality of places like Huiteries Regis. The cooked shrimp was average. I live in Boston and the cooked shrimp at Legal Seafoods is so much better than at Le Dome that you can't even compare it. Fresh, properly cooked large shrimp have a snap to them that lesser shrimp lack. Le Dome's certainly weren't as fresh as they should have been. The lobster and crab tasted as though they had been cooked that morning (or earlier) and the crab, specifically, was so 'not fresh' that it tasted like it had been frozen at some point. I've had better seafood platters with fresher seafood at Le Congres! (For less money too.) And the sole - again, it seemed as if it had been pre-cooked. It didn't come out of the kitchen hot. It wasn't crispy on the outside and light and moist on the inside the way it should have been. I've had MUCH better at L'Acajou. Overall it was a big disappointment.

    1. My favorite "fish place" in Paris (so far) is La Cagouille, which is in the 14th -- not far from you, I think. I have always had really delicious pristine fish and seafood there.

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        Thanks for the suggestion. I'll have to try it when I get back.

      2. I agree that Le Dôme is a sort of has-been place that can easily lead to disappointment. In fact, I rate the Montparnasse outlet of the chain Bar à Huîtres higher.

        If you want a landmark restaurant in Montparnasse, La Rotonde is probably your better bet.

        Chef June's La Cagouille is also quite superior. But not as a big a selection of shellfish/ crustaces as other places. If you can stand little fishy eyes starring at you, the friture of smelt or whitebait is lovely.

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          Amen to all that.

          And, may I add, if you're still hungry for top-rate seafood, traditional style, with superior sauces and lobster à la presse, there's always Le Divellec! Expensive, formal setting, but so much better than Le Dôme!

        2. Thanks, all, for your recommendations and reviews!

          I did end up at Le Dome (a friend really wanted to try it, since it's an institution), and I'd agree, I've had better. The food was generally good, but didn't focus on the seafood the way I hoped.

          I look forward to trying out the rest of your suggestions!

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            Since this thread seems to have come alive again, I'd throw in Rech and throw out Le Dome forever (its Bistro however is another matter).