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Jul 8, 2012 11:01 AM

Jhal Muri in TO ?

Recently saw a Food Network show about a street vendor in London making Jhal Muri. It is an Indian food made with puffed rice, chickpea noodles, peanuts, fried lentils, cucumber, tomato, bean sprouts, cilantro, ginger, coconut, spices,.... Looks amazing.

Anyone know of it, seen it in Toronto, or know where to get the key ingredients (in particular the puffed rice called Muri or Murmura) ?

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  1. Udupi Palace on Gerrard has some interesting chaats that remind me of it. The Bengali stores on Danforth between Main and Vic Park might have the ingredients, and I'm pretty sure I've seen the rice and noodles at Iqbal in Thorncliffe Park.

    1. Just came back from the Festival of South Asia on Gerrard and almost every street vendor had a huge tub of the puffed rice for mixing up. They might not have the exact same mix-ins as on the show, but I imagine it wouldn't be hard to find something very similar. I went for the pani puri, myself.

      1. Yea I saw that as well on Eat St.
        You can get it at any Indian restaurant across the GTA - it's known as bhel puri. There are a few different variations. Gerrard would be a good start, or some of Punjabi restaurants up in Brampton, Markham etc.

        1. Loblaw carries Haldirams packaged Bhel Puri. It has sauces and other ingredients that you can mix. Its very cheap at 1 $ + change and though it cant beat the freshly made one, its still passable.

          1. Thank you all for the great tips. I am really looking forward to trying some variations of this dish and maybe creating my own blend !

            Thanks again.