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Jul 8, 2012 10:53 AM

German food - Manhattan?

Driving into NYC for a few days and wondered if there were any German restaurants worth their salt these days. I found the other post regarding same but it was from 2007. Thanks!

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    1. re: kathryn

      Thank you. Clearly, I did not look hard enough. :-)

      1. I hate to plug a place as incessantly as I do Landbrot, but if you are looking for lighter, cafe-style fare or bakery products, that is the place to find it. Pretzel rolls, apple strudel, sandwiches are all very good. There's a happy hour special where you get a ginormous mug of obscure, delicious, microbrewed German beer and a traditional soft pretzel (with crispy parts) for $9. There's casual indoor and outdoor seating with table service, but it's not a formal restaurant.

        1. I recommend the Biergarten at the Standard ( meat market area),,,, Other than that Blau Gans and Wallse but it is not German food, it is Austrian food and both very good, and probably close enough to German food to satisfy your craving. Another option is to go to Glendale and eat good German food at Zum Stammtisch Restaurant

          1. I still like Heidelberg very much. It does help that I live a block away, but the Jaeger Schnitzel is excellent, and the potato pancakes are excellent. Next time I want to try their sausages. BTW, if you're planning to go on a weekend, you should make a reservation since they get very crowded.

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            1. re: ellenost

              The Jaeger Schnitzel at Blau Gans is excellent. I have note tried Heidelberg's

              1. re: foodwhisperer

                Agree with you about Blaue Gans. Also love the Salzburger Nockerl at Blaue Gans (& at Wallse).

              2. re: ellenost

                I go to Heidelberg with some frequency since I'm also in the neighborhood, but never willingly. The food has never lived up to the competition downtown from Wechsler's, Lederhosen, Zum Schneider, or if you prefer Austrian: Cafe Katja or Cafe Sabarsky.