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Jul 8, 2012 10:42 AM

Lateral Moves: Y&Y Vietnamese Restaurant and Sweethut in Inner Richmond [San Francisco]

Two updates from familiar Clement Street spots that are flying the grand opening flag:

Looks like Y&Y Vietnamese Deli (reviewed here: has been replaced with Y&Y Vietnamese Restaurant, which is a sit-down place with more of a polished, updated feel than Yummy Yummy (its sister restaurant). Like Yummy Yummy, Y&Y has a more extensive list of desserts and drinks than a typical Vietnamese restaurant. I ordered banh cuon off the "Special Snacks" menu, which also includes banh khot. Great prep, very fresh tasting and carefully prepared. Rice rolls were soft and unsticky, beautifully toasted garlic, gently cooked green onion. The place was crowded at 1 p.m. on a Saturday, mostly with big Vietnamese families. They kept an extensive menu of banh mi, which is surprising for a sit-down restaurant and good news for people who liked the sandwiches at the deli.

Sweethut, related to Wonderful Foods, replaces Sweet Delight (or Delite?). They're running a grand opening sale discounting milk teas to $1.99 and fruit tapioca drinks to $2.50. I got a mango-coconut tapioca, regularly priced at $3.75 I think. Fresh mango, good tapioca, coconut not too heavy or sunblock-y. Super friendly, charming counter ladies, much like at the original Wonderful Foods.

519 Clement Street

914 Clement St

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  1. Happy to hear about Sweethut. Wonder if the sister of Wonderful Foods owner who had operated Sweet Delite is behind it. I'll have to stop by to see if I recognize anyone.

    Sweet Delite

    1. Quick update: we went to Y&Y for lunch last weekend and I got the bun cari ga, a curried chicken noodle soup that I like at Yummy Yummy and don't see a lot elsewhere. The soup is an expression of proportion and balance: a gravy-like broth that is rich but not heavy, dark-meat chicken, rice noodles, chili oil, and coconut milk. All points were awesome, except the curry-soaked potatoes weren't cooked quite long enough, so I set them aside. This is my favorite soup when I have a cold.

      And to Melanie's question above, the owner of Wonderful Foods is the owner of Sweet Hut.

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      1. re: pane

        I love that soup, and always enjoy the version at the PPQ on Irving between 19th/20th Ave. in SF.

      2. Does anyone know what the relationship is between Y&Y and Yummy Yummy? People on Yelp are saying it's a sister restaurant, but I can't tell if it's the same menu, or what other differences are...

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          Owned by the same people. I haven't been to Yummy Yummy in a while because I lived closer to Y&Y, so I'm not sure if the menu is exactly the same, though my favorite dish (the bun cari ga) is on both.

          Y&Y has a smaller but more modern dining room. Other than that, I don't see major differences--familiar faces on the waitstaff from when we lived in the Inner Sunset and patronized Yummy Yummy 6 or 7 years ago.