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Jul 8, 2012 10:39 AM

Kosher Airline Food

Hi. Most of the posts about kosher airline food are outdated, so I am starting a new thread.

Does anyone know anything about the kosher first/business class meals out of Munich, Paris, Melbourne, Singapore and Sydney?

Trying to plan a trip to visit my daughter in Australia and don't want to travel 30 hours without a decent meal!


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  1. What airlines? That matters as much if not more than the city. I would guess you shouldn't have an issue with most major airlines in those cities, unless you fly something like Emirates. I can tell you I've never had an issue with Singapore Airlines flying from Singapore or Munich. I'm sure you'll be fine with any american airline, Lufthansa, Air France, and Qantas too although I have no first hand experience.

    1. Singapore Airlines on all the possible routes. I know they are a really nice airline, with great business class seats, which is why I want to use them, but want to be sure about the meals. Do you know where they get the meals from for flights from Paris or Munich?

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        Sorry, I can't help you on that one. I got Hermolis for the flight out of Singapore, and a NY caterer for the flight out of Newark. I forget who I got on the transfer in Munich, and I've never flown them through Paris. If I had to guess, I'd say Hermolis out of Munich and a local caterer out of Paris, but that is pure speculation based on the size of the local Jewish community.

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          According to this chart, they get their meals from Hermolis

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            Thanks, mamaleh. Checked it out and seems that all the far east airlines use hermolis. that is what I wanted to hear!!!

            1. re: shoshana770

              I had never seen the list Mamaleh linked to. Handy. But it's a very short list. I had Stogel (Antwerp) on Asiana and on Garuda recently, it was pretty good, not Hermoulis, but several cuts above Borenstein.

              Shoshana, the key thing ot remember is that the kosher meal won't get boarded if something happens to change your booking connecting flight. IMHO, packing something solid to eat just in case is way more important than who is doing the catering on the flight you thought you were going to be on.

              1. re: AdinaA

                Always do. Murphy's Law: If you pack kosher food, you will have your meal on board, if you don't-you will starve. Happens all the time!! :)

              2. re: shoshana770

                That's not 100% true. I've gotten a NY caterer for Singapore, Virgin, and Alitalia when flying out of NY. They may use Hermolis when leaving Asian cities without a local option, but from NY I've found you tend to get the local option rather than shipping in a meal.

                1. re: avitrek

                  I meant for the Asian and European flights. Sky Cuisine does most food out of Toronto to Europe and they do a nice job in business class, so not worried about that. In the past I've had some pretty awful meals on US based airlines and some European airlines (ie: Austrian) even in business, which is why I was asking.

          2. Are you flying from Europe? Or passing through Europe because you want to stop there? If you're flying Singapore Airlines from the NYC area, and are not stopping in Europe for a side-trip, and you can afford business class travel, then I highly recommend the non-stop Newark-Singapore flight. It's 18 hours plus, but it was very comfortable even when they had an economy class on that flight; now that they've converted it to all-business it must be even better. E.g. there was a little walking track in the back where you could get some exercise and avoid DVT. And there are showers in the transit lounge at Singapore Airport.

            1. British Airways has GREAT kosher food -