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Jul 8, 2012 09:58 AM

Where can I buy edible flowers?

Hello, I am having a large garden party next weekend and would like to drop small, pretty edible flowers into the cocktails as a garnish. I am not so particular about what kind of flowers they are, so long as they are whole flowers (so no rose petals), not stinky (I have heard some edible flowers smell like onions?), and not full of pesticides (so I had a hard time buying nasturtiums from the garden shop and growing them myself). I have also seen small packets at Dominick's or Jewel that are quite expensive, and I would need to buy probably 10 packets.

Any thoughts on where in the Chicago area I can buy them in larger quantities? Since it is just a week away, I am really looking for very specific suggestions, like X florist on Y street, or X stand at Y farmers' market. I know I can call around to different florists or do an exhaustive search on my own, but I would rather skip that and tap your expertise :)

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