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Jul 8, 2012 09:35 AM

Natural food restaurants in the SD area

We are visiting the S. Cal area in a few weeks on our family vacation. My son cannot eat artificial ingredients (flavors, colors, sweeteners and preservatives). We eat plenty of meals at In N out, Chipotle and Whole Foods when we are in S. Cal but we are looking for new options. It looks like The Real Food kitchen is an option.....are they are other places we should check out?


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  1. Urban Solace or Solace and The Moonlight Lounge. Here is a recent article on their commitment to all natural ingredients.

    they're also a San Diego favorite, moderately priced, but a nice enough atmosphere.

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      Thank you! We are actually staying in Carlsbad......any recommendations near there?

    2. Solace is in Encinitas which is close to Carlsbad. Otherwise your best options for "clean" food might be in the North Park area, e.g. Linkery, El Take it Easy, Alchemy, Urban Solace

      1. Lotus Cafe in Encinitas - a lot of vegan, GF, vegetarian meals..I doubt they use many artificial ingredients
        Peace Pies, Leucadia - all natural, vegan, GF raw food - suprisingly delicious (right behind Mozy's)
        Mozy Cafe, Leucadia- good vegetarian burritos, salads, etc.
        Swami's Cafe, Encinitas - you might be able to find some good options here too
        Ki's, Cardiff - lots of natural options, great view
        Claire's on Cedro's, Solana Beach - delicious and really fresh food, great for breakfast/lunch

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          Just thought of a few other places you might want to try...

          Waters Fine Foods, Solana Beach - good take out food, all fresh and like Lotus, I am doubtful they use many artificial ingredients
          Naked Cafe, Solana Beach - pretty good, tasty and healthy
          Seaside Market, Cardiff - lots of good options behind the deli counter

        2. Besides the tasty recs so far, here, Urban Plates in Del Mar Highlands isn't too bad, either.