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What to order at Ray's Hell Burger?

First, I want to thank all DMV hounds for helping me out over the past 10 days. :)

We're going to Ray's Hell Burger today, as that seems to be THE place for a burger (thought about Central, but doesn't seem what I'm looking for)...wondering what to order? The bone marrow or foie seem tempting, but are they just too much? Jumping the shark, so to speak? For seasoning, it seems like I should go with the classic grill...but from there I'm left wondering.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. :)


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  1. Peppercorn encrusted cheeseburger withBrie, foie gras, White truffle oil, Crispey shallots,sautéed mushrooms, rays sauce &an order of sweet potato fries

    1. I had the bone marrow one once - wouldn't do it again. Like you suggested, I thought it was way too much. I tend to prefer the more classic burger toppings.

      1. I'm fond of the roasted garlic, crispy shallots, and sauteed onions and mushrooms. They complement the burger beautifully.

        The smaller burger is plenty. The regular fries are not worth the calories. Sweet potato fries are the way to go.

        1. Thanks for the tips! I ended up going with the small with smoked mozarella, onions, and bacon. It was yummy! Too much for me to eat, though - I can't imagine someone eating the large one! Now on to find Chinese... :)

          1. The suggestions by others are great and I would stick with any of them for a 1st trip to Hellburger. But I recently tried the steak and cheese and loved it. It is not a Philly s&c. And as it is delivered to the table, it initially feels like you must eat it open faced, which does not work at all.
            But once I picked at it a little with my fork so I could get my hands around it, I loved it.

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              Steak and cheese and cheesesteaks are two different sandwiches, period (lots of convos over the years on this one).

              To the OP, I like the Big Poppa (blue cheese).

            2. In case it wasn't known by anyone, Ray's Hell is closed at that location. Probably to re-open elsewhere, but who knows when.


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                For those who don't read the link, all of Ray's Hellburgers, cheesesteaks and other items can still be enjoyed at Ray's to the Third across Wilson Blvd. I believe they have set up a counter service area for burgers and cheesesteaks, so the experience will be about the same as before.

                1. re: Steve

                  They didn't have counter service when I was last there and the experience was definitely not the same, but perhaps they hadn't quite set it up yet.

                  I hope this dispute ends. Even though no one liked the long lines and crapped conditions, the atmosphere was part of the experience.

                  One of the comments in the Arlnow article says that the court date is February 8th, so we'll see what happens.

                  1. re: pgm123

                    I was at the old Hellburger space a couple of weeks ago. The original, for lunchtime. They had both cheesesteaks and burgers on the menu (previously it was just cheesesteaks), and there was no line at all. Maybe nobody realised they added burgers to the menu.

                  2. re: Steve

                    For some reason Ray's to the Third twice now has not made the steak and cheese to the same quality as at Ray's Hellburgers. The waiters always claim the restaurant makes the sandwiches the same as how they did it in Ray's Hellburger but they definitely aren't. The meat was really clumped together and not as seared. Certainly not the juicy, tender, greasy affair I've enjoyed previously I've left Ray's to the Third disappointed both times and wonder if the delicious steak and cheese will ever come back to life.

                  3. re: Dennis S

                    I was also wondering if RHB had opened back up. Dispute with landlord, which seems crazy to me. That woman should thank her lucky stars Ray's was in that strip mall.

                    1. re: Dennis S

                      I made my comment above before seeing this link. I stil say that woman is insane. I hope RHB pops up somewhere with more parking choices.

                    2. Well, on Sunday and Monday (Inauguration), if you're one of the first 2013 people to visit Ray's To The Third, you can get a Li'l Devil for a $5 donation to one of Ray's favored charities. The restaurant is being temporarily reconfigured with a counter for this event and you can't get items off the regular menu on those two days.

                      The man hi'self's post on Don Rockwell's forum:
                      (I tried my darndest to post a link to the individual message but all that would come up was a long thread with this near the end, hence the somewhat shortened re-post:

                      INAUGURATION FEVER
                      In what may well be the final paroxysms of ecstatic cathartic release bringing to a close the cycle of madness that was begun here in these pages over 4 1/2 years ago, we will be honoring and celebrating the Inauguration in the most fitting way possible--in one great Song of the He-Goat.

                      On Sunday, January 20, 2013 (the Private Swearing In) we will be offering 2013 Li'l Devils with Vermont Cheddar Cheese and Tomato (Dijon Optional) and a small side (changing throughout the day, no guarantees) AT ABSOLUTELY NO COST. Free. Gratis (Bottled sodas/water $2--cash only).

                      Well, on Monday, January 21, 2013, we will be doing the very same thing! 2013 Li'l Devils with Cheddar and Tomato. Cheeseburgers. Free. Or as I like to call them, sorry I can't help myself, dithyramburgers.

                      The catch? We request that for each burger a $5 donation be made (checks are cool), which we will turn over to the Boys and Girls Club in its entirety. Sunday will go to the Boys and Girls Club in North East for their after school meals program (often the only meal of the day outside of the school free lunch program for many of these kids). Monday will go to the Boys and Girls Club of Alexandria where many of my employees were members as kids and whose own kids are clients today.

                      Location: Ray's To The Third, 1650 Wilson Boulevard.
                      Time: 11:30 AM until the last burger is given away, both days.

                      1. Best burgers in the area are in Glen Burnie.

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                            My best guess is this is a reference to the new Gino's, which I still haven't been to. I'd be more impressed, though, if it's a Mutiny Pirate Bar reference, which is probably the best burger in Glen Burnie. I don't believe either compares with Hell Burger.

                        1. posting here because there are a ziliion "ray's" threads….http://washingtonexaminer.com/rays-he...

                          1. Everything is fantastic IMHO though I nearly always stick to a plain burger w/ grilled onions because why mess with perfection (and I really don't like cheese on a burger). Believe it or not, the turkey burger is also fantastic - it is made with sage and is always juicy. We took a vegan there because he said he wouldn't be bothered if we ate meat and he got the portobello and said it was great. And the value is great, too.

                            However, let's hope they find another location FAST because Ray's the Third can't cope with the demand. They are taking reservations (!) but it is just too many people for too few tables. We didn't have reservations but figured we would go really early and well, that sort of worked. We got there at 5:36 and there was a 15 minute wait and the place was already slammed.

                            They are doing counter service at the bar and there seemed to be a steady stream of people coming in to order at the bar.