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Jul 8, 2012 08:39 AM

Best pizza restaurant in asbury park or bradley beach

Having a family dinner and want a casual affordable dinner where they must serve great pizza. Any suggestions? Must be eat in. Thanks.

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  1. Well not to far in Neptune is Pete and Elda's pretty much the shore staple for excellent thin crust pizza! That is the widely held "go to" pizza place in the area. The have an ample dining room as well. Don't know their reservation policy but be warned there can be an hour + wait on the weekends.

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      Vic's bradley Beach !! OLD style to match interior of the building

        1. You've got to try Portas....not your usual Jersey Pizza! But, great. The appetizers and salads are also quite good. But, don't try their other entrees. Their Pizza is the reason to go there:

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            Also love the pizza, salads and apps at Porta, but gotta disagree on the entrees. I've had several pastas and found them all very good.

          2. Not a fan of Pete and Elda's. I just don't like the crust, it tastes like a pastry. I wouldn't turn it down but I would prefer Vic's.