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Jul 8, 2012 08:34 AM

Recommendations for Things to Purchase at Trader Joe's

We have a Trader Joe's opening up fairly near us. I searched these boards for recommended things to purchase from TJs, but came up only with "recipes" to make from things purchased at TJs.

I have never been to a TJs, but want to go. So would appreciate your recommendations. TIA.

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  1. There are a number of posts on the Chains Board. Here is a link to the current "yea/nay" thread:

    My first visit to a TJ's was not what I expected. The stores are are on small side, produce can vary from location to location. This store was so slammed with crowds that I couldn't look carefully - and that's what it takes IMO to appreciate what TJ's has to offer. There isn't a lot of breadth in offerings, but what they have is usually very good.

    Now that I am familiar with their products I'd never want to be in a town without one!

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      The 3rd quarter yea/nay thread is only a few days old, so here's the thread from the 2nd quarter:

      Lots of recommendations there!

      Threads about Trader Joe's products are on the Chains discussion board.

    2. Besides the yea/nay threads on Chains there was a thread with a subject just like yours. I'd guess it's a month or 2 back.

      1. Yes, please read the threads linked. But one thing I haven't seen mentioned is the Dorot frozen herb and garlic packs. Here's a link to Dorot and what they look like. I used to be able to find the garlic puree at my local grocery store, but no more. I stocked up on the basil when I visited my not-so-convenient TJ.

        1. You are seeing recipes because you are looking on the "Home Cooking" Board and not on the "Chains" Board.

          Buy what YOU want to buy. My tastes may not at all reflect yours. The return policy is VERY good. Tell them you didn't like it and you'll get your money back, even if you don't bring back the product. You can also ask if you could try something before you buy; most Crew Members will open a package for you if you ask and explain you are new to shopping there.

          The "fresh" offerings- bakery, produce, dairy, floral, refrigerated prepared foods are all locally provided, so the taste varies from location to location.

          Products come and go and some are seasonal. If you find something you like that isn't a "Trader Joe/Giotto/Darwin/Jose" brand, go back and get more and enjoy it while you can.

          1. If you're looking for bargains, look at their cheeses, wines, and breakfast cereals.