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Jul 8, 2012 08:11 AM

Place for Quick Bite near West 45 St

I am meeting a friend Tuesday for a 7PM show on 45 St. bet. 8th and 9th Aves. I may not be able to get there until 6:15 or a little before.
Any ideas for a very convenient place to get one quick dish or even a snack?
Thanks for all ideas.

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  1. Try Marseille, but make a rservation.

    1. Thank you, Riverman. If I have time to try only one thing there, what would you choose?

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      1. re: twochesters

        Try the Tuscan chicken or the lamb shank with couscous.

      2. If you can do takeout, City Sandwich is right around the corner.

        1. Thanks to both. City Sandwich might work out, too.
          On their website it looks like there are some tiny tables. Is that so or is it just takeout? Any sandwiches that are notable?

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          1. re: twochesters

            Very basic seating. There are some photos on Yelp, too.

            Serious Eats is a big fan:

          2. La Carafe 9th avenue and 45th Street; Mediterranean, hot and cold tapas as well as entrees