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Jul 8, 2012 06:43 AM

Meadow Meat (Middletown, CT)

So, for someone who's called M'town home most of her life, I'm almost ashamed to say how few times I've been to Meadow Meat. I will definitely make more of an effort to shop there from now on. My recent find: slab bacon. EXCELLENT.

Their baby backs are great (prepackaged, so not sure it's anything unique to Meadow, but still), have enjoyed their country pork ribs, ground chuck, their steaks look fab. You walk into a giant meat locker (yep, it's cold--refreshing on days like this) and can pick whatever your meat-loving heart desires.

A word about directions to those coming from the downtown M'town/Harbor Park area. They're on Eastern Drive, so if you're near the Y, head toward M'town Plate Glass. Once you're over the railroad tracks, left takes you to Harbor Park and Route 9 North, RIGHT takes you to Meadow Meat. Follow along the river until you can literally go no further (bar across the road and a low underpass)...take a right and there you are, Meadow Meat! Otherwise, you can approach from Silver Street to Eastern Drive. Google Maps will get you there without issue (I tried to add a link, but no dice)--I did share their image, tho'.

Meadow Meat Co
17 Eastern Drive, Middletown, CT
(860) 347-8574

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  1. IT is really at its best around holidays. I dont get there much anymore now that the nestlings are moving on and I don't need to buy as much meat. They used to have great deal on eggs and parm cheese mostly all the time - and if you call ahead - they will do a special cut for you once they get to know you. and they used to have crab leg deals - not sure if they still do

      1. re: stormshadow

        In line with my other beef-buying spots of choice, I think. Ground chuck was $2.99 a pound. I usually try to pick it up on sale at West Side Market in Rocky Hill. I wasn't buying steaks, so didn't pay good attention, but they'll tell you by phone if you call.

      2. Meadows meat market is the only place my husband will buy his italian sausage. We also like their crab cakes.